Red shirt seized by UDD guards for handing out leaflets during rally

A red-shirt woman was seized and taken to the police by guards of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship during the rally on Saturday when she was distributing leaflets containing information about Article 112, or the lèse majesté law, and royal assets.

In the late afternoon of 12 March, while red shirts were gathering at Ratchadamnoen Rd, the woman, nicknamed Pla, was caught by guards of the UDD and was taken to police stationed nearby.  The guards told the police that she had distributed ‘offensive’ materials, and asked them to press charges against her. 

She was then taken to Samranrat Police Station for interrogation.  At about 9 pm, the police took her to her house in southern Bangkok for an inspection, but did not conduct any search. 

Afterwards she was brought back to the police station and was finally released, as the police considered that the content in the leaflets did not constitute lèse majesté and decided not to press charges.

Later that night, a discussion was held at the rally site among those who were involved and three UDD guards were dismissed from their duties because of the incident.

Pla later said on her Facebook that she had produced the leaflets by gathering information from the internet to be distributed among red shirts, particularly the elderly, who might not be familiar with computers and the internet.  She and a couple of friends had paid for the photocopies themselves.

The leaflets contain basic information, already legally available on the internet, about Article 112, royal assets, the Crown Property Bureau, and the Sufficiency Economy.

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