Princess: country burning last year brought great sorrow to the King and Queen

HRH Princess Chulabhorn has given an interview to a television programme ‘Woody Born to Talk’ on Channel 9.  Here are some excerpts from the first part of the interview which was aired on 3 April.  The second part is scheduled for next Sunday.  The host of the show is Wuthithorn Milinthajinda, or Woody.

Most teenagers have become aware of HM’s royal duties through the royal anthem which is played [and accompanied by footage showing royal activities] before movies in theatres, and a lot of royal projects are shown.  But I believe that few people have had the opportunity to follow HM.  I know that HM has worked very hard, as I’ve heard that HM starts work from 4 or 5 in the morning.  Is that true, Your Highness?

Yes.  HM works very hard.  When he visited hill tribe people in Chiang Mai, sometimes there were no roads and we had to walk up across mountains, sometimes 7-8 mountains.  Sometimes when I followed him, I was with a medical unit and had to carry a rucksack with medicines. […] At the time I was young, and I felt that it was a severe hardship.  When I arrived at a village, I hoped that there would be many patients, so that the medicine in my bag would be used up because it was so heavy, 14 kgs.

What do you think about the royal anthem in movie theatres?

It gives a glimpse of HM’s way of life in bits and pieces.  I think that is too little.  However little it is, I’m proud that 20-year-old youngsters come to know what HM has done.  This is not to promote myself as a royal.  But I want HM to receive the justice he deserves, and also HM the Queen.  They’ve worked so hard.

Indeed, I’d like to ask for something, but haven’t dared to.  I’d like to ask for 10 minutes of TV time after the news each day, to show short films about the royal duties to show what HM the King and the Queen have been doing.  Please pity them.  When they work wholeheartedly for the Thai people, both of them are very attentive.  HM the King has followed irrigation works.  He sends for officials to come to the hospital every day.

Then has HM had time to sleep?

HM goes to sleep very late.  Sometimes he cannot sleep.  Sometimes he sleeps a little.  Sometimes when there are problems, he would follow them up, like floods, for example, concerned about the hardship of the people.  He would order [officials] to send bags of emergency supplies to the people.  When he sees on TV where are floods, where it is hot, or where people have been injured, he will give help without telling anyone.  He does good without being seen indeed.  If I were not his child, I’d never know this.

The young generation has the perception through the media that the Bureau of the Royal Household has done everything.  HM…

HM gives the orders himself.

Every time bags of emergency supplies are sent, HM…

Yes. He gives the order.

The Bureau of the Royal Household cannot send out emergency supplies without HM’s orders.  What are Their Majesties the King and Queen most concerned with?

Frankly, both their majesties are concerned with unity among Thai people, because if there are divisions, enemies can easily attack us.  The Thai people must be strong, be friendly to each other and be united, so that the country will progress.  In fact, I don’t get mixed up in politics.  I don’t want to say who is good or bad.  I don’t know.  Because I’ve never associated with politicians.

But I know that what happened last year, when the country was burnt, brought great sorrow to Their Majesties the King and Queen.  HM the King had been able to re-learn to walk, and then he collapsed.  He had a fever, had to be put on a saline drip and was confined to bed.  HM the Queen was also very sad.  She said that it was even sadder than when our country, Ayutthaya, was burnt by the Burmese because this time it was done by the Thais ourselves.

How do you think our country will move forward and be united from now on?

Actually, being divisive is not good for the country.  We should try to talk.  Don’t use violence.  Divisiveness and blocking roads makes traffic jams, and people are moody.  I do not side with anyone, or any colour.


"being divisive is not good

"being divisive is not good for the country. We should try to talk. Don’t use violence. Divisiveness and blocking roads makes traffic jams, and people are moody. "

Chularbhorn is right

Thai people should try to talk

The Thai royals should refuse to accept Thai military use of force to "protect them"

The Thai military should be banned from any involvement in operations or any activities involving the population, including migrants and refugees, in Thailand

The royals should avoid contributing to traffic jams and travel without special privileges and police actions

The royals should remove a major reason for the moodiness of the people by supporting free and fair elections and accept the authority of democratically elected governments to manage their institution as well as the military for the benefit of the people

The royals should remove another reason for the moodiness of the people by ceasing the use of lese majeste and grovelling at their feet

"....He does good without

"....He does good without being seen indeed. If I were not his child, I’d never know this...."

He follows the news, is

He follows the news, is 'attentive', so perhaps he could change channels and find out about how the LM laws are being used.
(as it's hard to believe someone who 'works wholehearedly for the Thai people' would want to see people being locked up for decades, for merely expressing an opinion)

The comments so far are of

The comments so far are of all right. Beauty though is of course in the eye of the beholder...

It is sad and extremely odd (apparently she misses this) how she complains about the burning of property, the blocking of roads and moodiness (!) but, she totally ignores to mention the most divisive and violence-prone force in the country; the military.

They sure as heck are not interested in discussion either.

A family, or group of people that allow their citizens to be denied freedom of speech about that family, to the point of being jailed for even calmly expressing their opinions should at least explain to "its"people how they justify this...

I think the Princess did not

I think the Princess did not ignore the military, she asked them for 10 minutes' airtime per day for the Royal Family, did she not? And they immediately complied, did they not? She seems to regard the military as her protectors and benefactors, they certainly bill themselves in just that way.

And so perhaps she regards anyone killed by her protectors as her enemies. There have been several studies showing that many ordinary people regard anyone arrested by the police as guilty of whatever crimes they're charged with... because they were arrested by the police.

The same unconscious assumption of guilt may obtain between the Thai royal family and those killed by the Thai military... that the military wouldn't have killed them if they weren't guilty of whatever 'crimes' the military felt called for their summary execution.

Just speculation on my part. It's hard to guess what the royals, or any other figures so venerated and protected by the MSM, really do think.