When Korn rides a red-shirt taxi home

Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij has written a short note on his Facebook page about his conversation with a red-shirt taxi driver.

Today [10 April], I took a taxi home.  The driver was wearing a Truth Today t-shirt and said proudly that he was not just a red shirt, but he used to be a red-shirt guard.  So I asked him why he was red.  He answered that because he wanted a society where everybody has an opportunity.  So I told him, ‘Oh! You think like the Democrat Party.’  Everybody has free education.  Everybody should have access to bank loans.  Everybody has funds for studying at university.   (I’d like to tell him as well that anyone who is good can be party leader, without having to wait for orders from the party’s owner.)  I didn’t feel bad about him at all, but I just felt that he just hadn’t got the complete story. When I got out, I told him, ‘Little brother, no matter what you think, just don’t use violence.’


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