Soldiers in Tak told to protect the monarchy

On 24 April, Maj Gen Kasem Thanaporn, Commander of the Naresuan Taskforce, visited the 4th Infantry Regiment Taskforce Command in Mae Sot district of Tak province and spoke to about 500 troops including soldiers, rangers and border patrol police.

Photos from Managaer

Maj Gen Kasem said that this was a regular inspection visit, and he wanted to let the troops know that some groups of people had been making offensive remarks against the monarchy.

Apart from protecting the country, soldiers also have the duty to protect the institution, even to their deaths, he said.

He said that currently no movement had yet been found in the area under the responsibility of the Naresuan Task Force, but he instructed the troops to explain to the people and keep watch, and to take legal action immediately against any such offences.

It was reported that two artilleries pieces and two humvees equipped with machine guns were on display during the commander’s speech.