Red-shirt radio stations raided by authorities

On 26 April, 13 red-shirt community radio stations in Bangkok and surrounding areas were raided and searched by the authorities.

According to Palot Chalermsan, staff member of Lam Lukka FM 105.40 station, about 20-30 officials from the Department of Special Investigation, the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Crime Suppression Division and local police came to his office at about 12.00 am with a court warrant, seized the stations’ equipment and took it to Khu Khot Police Station.

Palot said that his station had been operating for some time before it was closed for repairs, and had just resumed about a week ago without any clear schedule.    

He was worried that the raid might be a signal for the next coup.

Reports said that the authorities had charged the operators with possessing communications equipment and setting up radio stations without permission.