Civil Court accepts cases against government for April and May crackdown

On 23 May, the Civil Court accepted cases filed against the authorities by family members of two victims of the crackdown on red shirts last year.

Samaphan Srithep, 16, was shot and killed at Soi Rang Nam on 15 May 2010.  Thanuthat Asawasirimankong, 53, has been paralysed after being shot in the back and shoulder on 14 May at Bon Kai on Rama IV Rd.

On 18 May, Phansak, the father of Samaphan, and Waranit, the wife of Thanuthat, sued the Ministry of Finance, the Army and the Ministry of Defence for damages under Section 5 of the 1996 Act on Liability for Wrongful Act of Officials, demanding compensation of 8,573,125 baht and 1,857,864 baht respectively.  They also asked the court to waive their court fees as they were poor.

The court accepted the cases and waived the fees, and scheduled 15 and 29 August for witness hearings.

The plaintiffs have received legal assistance from the People’s Information Centre and the Rassadornprasong Law Office.

Thanuthat was a seller of fried peanuts and lives in a flat at Bon Kai.