'There is no justice in Thailand'

It is 63 days since Joe Gordon was first incarcerated, and despite this, he seems considerably well. "Yes, it took a long time, but I've started receiving some medicine now, and it's working," he says.

Joe, a long-time sufferer of both arthritis and high-blood pressure, entered Bangkok's Remand prison considerably weakened. Denied access to his regular medication, the pain proved so debilitating, as to render him unable to walk without assistance. He could not, at mealtimes, rush to the food troughs; in the overcrowded setting, the last prisoners to arrive will often go without.

The inability to walk, it seems, aged Joe Gordon, far beyond his fifty-four years.

This has changed. Given he can now walk without assistance, his cheeks are fuller, and his eyes brighter; the ragged prison crewcut is growing out, giving his face a more rounded edge. He looks, in short, well.

And yet, the physical belies the emotions beneath. "I feel better in my body, but so much weaker in my mental health," Joe says. "I feel that in weeks past, I'm getting in, deeper and deeper. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. I've never known a depression like this. This has been the most difficult period of my life, and I don't know how, or when, this is going to end. And I can't bear it."

"They keep telling me: 'keep quiet, keep quiet'. Why should I? I'm tired of keeping silent. When I get out of here, I will tell the world: there is no justice in Thailand.  Innocence until guilt is proved does not exist here. I'm a U.S. citizen, who entered the country on my U.S. passport." He stiffens in his chair, and presses a finger to the glass. "I'm not Thai anymore, and I have not been, for a long time."

Joe Gordon has now been denied bail some five times in the Thai courts. At his last bail hearing, he felt he could not contain his frustration, and instead turned to the judges.

"I told them: 'You are officers of the law. The DSI charged me  because of a U.S. website. I am innocent of these charges. Even so, how can anyone think that a website outside of Thailand is within Thai jurisdiction? If you believe in justice, how can you justify my imprisonment? There is nothing about this situation that is fair. This would never happen where I live - in the United States, where there is freedom of expression, and a man has a chance to prove he is innocent."

"The judges told me: 'We are trying to improve the justice system, you know, this is under Thai law.' I told them that I didn't believe it, and that if that they really believed in justice, then they could begin with the release of political prisoners."

Since his imprisonment began back in May, Joe has long since maintained his innocence.

He has again applied for bail, and expects his case to be heard on July 24.

This whole case stinks, it

This whole case stinks, it makes Thailand stink, it make the Thai Justice "system" stink, it is an offense to anything remotely free, open and/or democratic. It would be in Thailand's best interest, to either drop this ludicrous case and set Joe Gordon free immediately, or at the very least, allow him to leave the 20 person prison cell on bail so that he can make an orderly preparation to defend himself in the trial.

It does smell indeed.

It does smell indeed. Thailand manages to do everything else that is in its best interest in more or less every sphere, apart from the judiciary. Maybe there will be some sort of amnesty for Lese Majeste cases under the new government? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Joe's and my country, the

Joe's and my country, the United States of America, stinks as well. Worse. The USA is able to free its murderers in Pakistan but will not lift a finger to help an innocent citizen in Thailand.

I feel quite sure that the Royal Thai Government cleared its detention without bail, sentence first - verdict afterwards, standard Thai 'legal' procedure, with the USA before imprisoning a US citizen to avoid 'losing face' in the event of the United States Government's standing up for Joe's legal rights.

The Royal Thai Government is being 'as good as it can' be, which is not good at all. But everyone knows that there is no justice in Thailand.

The United States Government, on the other hand, holds itself forth as the paragon of virtue. In reality it is like a whitewashed sepulchre, full of the rot and corruption of long dead ideals, and ready to cooperate with the imprisonment, 'extraordinary rendition', and now, under Barack Obama, even to assassinate its own citizens.

Joe's and my country, the

Joe's and my country, the USA, makes a lot of noise about freedom. Not only has the USA refused to stand up for Joe Gordon's freedom of speech in the USA and in fact likely colluded with the Thai government, giving a 'green light' for his imprisonment, but a US federal judge toady admitted in court that Tim DeChristopher, a courageous environmentalist who put an end to an illegal, last-minute Bush administration auction of oil-leases in close proximity to Arches and Canyon lands National Parks at below market prices, exposing vast corruption at the US Bureau of Land Management in the process, was for exercising free speech... political speech which may well have repercussions the government will not like.

Read about it. Kangaroo Kourts and all... it's just like Thailand.

US Judge Dee Benson imprisons Tim DeChristopher for exercising free speech,
The ocean that shapes the shore,
Tim’s official statement at his sentencing hearing

The pitch now in the US is to make environmentalists... anyone who opposes the US Government... 'terrorists'. Just as the Royal Thai Government has done here in Thailand.

The US electorate feel in love with Barack Obama who has proven to be even worse that George Bush.

Let's hope that the Thais have a better result from Yinglak. It seems sure, though, that unlike Americans who seem happy to be betrayed as long as its by a Democrat, the Thai people, if betrayed yet again, will abandon the Puea Thai Party and not the march to the freedom land.

Joe has a good point about a

Joe has a good point about a US server being under Thai jurisdiction. Thailand has never been brought to task for what is called internationally wrongful acts, some of which have to do with its jurisdictional claims - which are global! - over the speech and acts of anyone anywhere. Anyone in Thailand who is offended, pretending to be offended, or has a remote possibility (in the Thai mindset) of being offended has all the right - under Thai law - to file a criminal defamation allegation, and once the "offender," such as Joe, is in Thailand, he can and often will be detained, held without bail, and denied basic human and civil rights that exist in, need I say it, civilized countries.
Thailand's Criminal Code is likely in violation of several international law provisions, and in violation of Article 19 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.
In Thailand there are thousands of "You don't need no fu...ing rights" royalists, loyalists, aberrant mindless "protectors" who don't mind putting you and me in prison until we die...all to satisfy their egotistic lust. Under Buddhism, they are building up a great dead of bad Karma for the nation and themselves. Let them beg for mercy in the Afterlife...

Whether he did it or not, NO

Whether he did it or not, NO ONE should be charged (let alone put in jail) for posting a link to, or translation of, an academic book published by Yale University Press.

You live in someone else's

You live in someone else's country - you need to respect their laws, culture, and traditions. If you don't like it, you know where the airport is - or better yet don't come at all. I highly doubt Mr. Gordon was ignorant of what he was involved in politically - if he was ignorant I believe he should be deported with a warning. It would be nice if people could respect the national sovereignty of other nations and stop imposing their own values onto other cultures - as if American values of human rights is anything more than an absolute mockery.

Mr. Gordon, and a whole lot of other meddling foreigners who know exactly what they are doing deserve nothing less than jail time for residing as a guest in a foreign country and actively meddling in their internal politics. Mr. Gordon has plenty to worry about in his beloved US whom he likes to remind everyone he is a citizen of - his political efforts should be directed there.

Finally - I find it amusing that Ms. Gardner had defended Prachatai so vigorously when questions over its funding by US warmongering imperialists were brought up and Prachatai's continued obfuscation of such funding from its readership - now I see she too is yet another writer featured on Prachatai - so quite obvious she is going to be incredibly biased. Please have some courage Ms. Gardner - read the background of these funding organizations and realize how little this all has to do with "human rights" and "freedom of speech" and the level of hypocrisy you are steeped in.



Joe is Thai, you fucking

Joe is Thai, you fucking idiot, TC.

Anyway, the "crime" was not committed in Thailand. Even if all Thai were actually pro lese majeste, like you seem to be claiming in the "Thai culture" thing, he has done nothing of offence to his own culture in Thailand.

Siam Liberal

He has a Thai name and use it

He has a Thai name and use it only when he wants cheap medical service in Thailnd, after leeching,Thailand and insulting her and finding himself in quandary, leeching America out of sympthy by becoming an average Joe.

I don't give a fuck if his

I don't give a fuck if his name is Adolf Hitler, he's Thai. He can insult who he likes (though I doubt you actually know anyone he's talking about - just a mindless fucking idiot who thinks posting a link to another website constitutes an insult), and he can certainly critique his own country.

yes of course this case

yes of course this case stinks. Every single incident of this LM witch hunt makes me cringe.

But Je is under the delusion the US is some sort of heaven-sent haven for free thinkers and freedom of speech. US prisons are filled with mostly poor, usually from minority groups and prisoners are used more and more as slave labor. One could argue the US prisons are full of many political prisoners too.

It is my opinion what is the most outrageous part of the Thai judiciary is the impunity with which it does as it pleases.

This is in part due to previous total control of the media. That is also why there is a struggle to control the flow of information as much as possible. The previous ability to mould the collective thoughts and feeling of the population
at will and whim is slipping away.

When we look back at, for

When we look back at, for example, civil rights in the US., we see minority rights being forced upon the majority because of constitutional protections that mean something.
Rights should be protected. Laws are laws, but that does not mean they are just or that they should exist. When they are unjust, does that give license to silence opposition to them? Don't beg the question by saying foreigners in Thailand are interfering in political affairs, etc. You are either a blow-hard who does not know what he is talking about and ignorant of the difference between protecting rights vs. keeping a low profile, or you are seriously deluded.

"I'm a U.S. citizen, who

"I'm a U.S. citizen, who entered the country on my U.S. passport." -Joe Gordon

Really showing your true colors Siam Liberal - your inability to keep your facts straight and your constant deferral to vulgarity and ad hominem attacks. Gordon knew what he was doing - now he's paying the price. His stupidity is only compounded by his referral to the US as being the home of true freedom. He might want to check the Patriot Act which has effectively begun the dismantling of the Bill of Rights and allows US citizens to indeed (and they have been) detained indefinitely without trial. All on behalf of a corporate agenda - surely not fighting terrorists - who we are now funding and lending air support to in Eastern Libya.


The US is also pursuing multiple wars and occupations of sovereign nations in pursuit of "real freedom." I'll say it again - if you truly care about the future of humanity you will pursue pragmatism, not politics - you will teach, build, design, construct, and shape the future, not cast a piece of paper into a ballot box and defer these responsibilities onto crooked politicians hoping for the best. If Gordon was doing something pragmatic - he wouldn't be in jail right now. If Gardner did her job and really dug in, we would realize the true breadth and depth of what Gordon was doing and why he is rotting in jail. Like Da Torpedo and Somyos , there is ALWAYS more to the story that US warmonger corporatocracy funded Prachatai fails to report on.


It's not a vulgar attack -

It's not a vulgar attack - you're a fucking idiot. You ARE an idiot. Joe has dual nationality. He is Thai. You are wrong. Do some fucking research and stop posting bullshit on this forum.

I hope the Thai commanders

I hope the Thai commanders will rot in hell when their regime falls and Thai people get freedom.

Interesting interview with Da

Interesting interview with Da Torpedo in prison...