Interview with Andrew MacGregor Marshall

Prachatai's exclusive interview with Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a reporter who has resigned from Reuters to write about Thailand's politics (Thailand’s Moment of Truth: a Secret History about 21st century of Siam), and is now based in Singapore.


A journalist interviewing

A journalist interviewing another journalist who hasn't produced any work for months. Very weak stuff.

Why are readers never reminded that Marshall was reprimanded at Reuters for joining in with crude, sexist jokes about Japanese women on the Reuters forum? His colleague was sacked. They both desperately sought to delete these comments at the time but were unable to.

At the time of this incident Marshall threatened to resign over his reprimand. That threat then morphed into the Thai Cable back-story that has helped cement Marshall's now notorious self-promotion. Fact is he could have also released Thai Story anonymously and still kept his job at Reuters.

Even if Andrew was a

Even if Andrew was a convicted rapist, the fact still remains he is producing a revolutionary piece of work. It is grounded in facts and shows a very serious side of Thailand that must be addressed - I remind you, Reuters is too spineless to address this side, so Andrew is doing what they are failing to. If everyone was like Reuters management, what a blind world we'd live in. It also shows no respect to Muramoto that they'd shy away from a piece of work that could help bring him some justice. I applaud Andrew. He wouldn't be the only one with some bad moments in his past, anyway, even if what you are saying has a shred of truth. His work is excellent, that is what matters here.

Andrew Macgregor Marshall has

Andrew Macgregor Marshall has been very courageous to give up his position with Reuters.And is currently trying his best to do what every journalist should have a duty to do.That is telling the whole truth without fear or favour.Lese Majeste as it has been used to hide the truth,has done long lasting damage to the country of Thailand over several decades.Andrew's #Thaistory is the first of it's kind from a mainstream journalist.Without Andrew sacrificing his career,a hell of a lot less folk would understand the real situation currently in Thailand.As with other journalist who have stood up for free speech and press,Andrew quickly became a target for those who wish to instill fear in journalists and up-keep LM.BBC's Jonathon Head dipped a toe into the dreaded sphere of Royal/Millitary matters,and soon felt the pressure for doing so.Andrew Spooner another brave journalist had death threats regarding his family,Chiranuch Premchaiporn and the list continues....Yes it is planned action,and yes the lawsuits/smearing/threats are part of it.So lets not listen to the "sock puppets" that have planted themselves here today....

I don't understand the

I don't understand the comment above - And i'm pretty sure I've seen your comments elsewhere. I understand you have some personal issues with Andrew, and are annoyed by what you see as picturing himself as a martyr even though he isn't. Even if you're right - so what? The discourse here is about Thailand, and his work on "Thailand's moment of Truth" is truly fascinating. Even if it too is only a copy of known facts, it got someone like me who had very little knowledge on thailand, highly interested in the subject.

My point being - stick to the subject, Thailand, and stop filling the forums with anti-andrew comments - they're not irrelevant and not interesting.

Reminds me of other folks who

Reminds me of other folks who want to talk not about Yingluk, Phuea Thai, or the present and future problems of Thailand and their solution but about... Thaksin! Thaksin! Thaksin!

If you cut the references to the massively repudiated Democrat Party and to Thaksin out of the Bangkok Post, for instance, there'd be nothing left.

I agree with dan. MacGregor Marshall published... the sky did not fall... things which were never before spoken of are now common knowledge. Most of the stuff on the royal family is by now passé. It's boring. Was only interesting when it was forbidden. It's the support of the USA, that great "exporter of democracy", for the Royal Thai Army coupsters and the Royalist Thai Elite and its corresponding outright derision for and antagonism toward democracy that interests me, for instance.

Yes. Take Thaksin out of the

Take Thaksin out of the picture and conservative apologists will lose all their ammo and go mute with bewilderment...

I agree with Dan and John,

I agree with Dan and John, whoever this Ex-Reuters fellow is, the essence of his angst appears to be that Marshall is regarded as being credible and Ex thinks he shouldn't be. And is cross that others don't agree with him.

A bit like Abhisit really, Phuea Thai is in government and Abhisit doesn't think it should be, so he whines and drones on and on, evidently not realising (or realising it and not feeling ashamed of it) that he's making himself look like a donkey. And is cross that others don't agree with him.

Yes I have seen "ex Reuters"

Yes I have seen "ex Reuters" attempt to smear Andrew elsewhere - which failed,as it will shortly again. But now we have: Good Cop - Bad Cop with "Ex Reuters" and "Dan" ???....LOL

I had hoped this report would

I had hoped this report would reveal why Marshall suddenly went silent 30 days ago, on the day he was going to release part 3 of #thaistory. He said Google docs was down and he'd be delayed "at least 12 hours." But since then, nothing. Just one tweet, on a different subject.

Where is he? Where are parts 3 and 4?

Marshall's work is grounded

Marshall's work is grounded in facts? What facts? US diplomatic cables, dubiously acquired and unverified, feature merely second, sometimes third hand information filtered through the corporate-fascist foreign policy of the US State Department. Wikileaks is not fact, it is a very nebulous source that can be twisted around to mean virtually anything - twisting Marshall shamelessly performs with equally baseless conclusions.

Marshall's "resigning" from Reuters as if the corporate-funded media didn't want to touch his "progressive, revolutionary" work fell apart when he published it, conveniently right before the Thai elections, and was given front page attention in the UK Independent, the Economist, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the corporate-fascist Lowy Institute. It was wildly praised and promoted despite the fact virtually no one would understand or read any of it outside of the obsessive nihilists bent on dividing and destroying Thailand through political chaos.

The cherry on top is Prachatai, funded millions of baht a year by the US government and US corporate tax-free foundations, interviewing Marshall to publicize what is clearly a PR campaign working in tandem with US interests in Thailand - namely wearing down the establishment and building up foreign-funded/serving opposition groups.

If you don't like the current system in Thailand that is fair enough. To sycophantically grovel at Marshall's feet for merely transcribing cables with his clearly biased take interjected throughout, or to entertain US-funded propaganda filtered through Prachatai - or any combination of the two- will breed something far worse than what currently plagues Thailand.


@TC: .......................(yawn)..................(yawn)....So, ummm, who funds all your loopy crap?