MICT: More cyber offenders to be arrested soon

On 1 Dec, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology inaugurated the Cyber Security Operation Centre (CSOC) to suppress cyber crimes, including in particular offences against the monarchy.

The Centre is situated in Building 9 of TOT Plc on Chaeng Watthana Rd.  The inauguration was attended by representatives from all the armed forces, the National Security Council, the National Intelligence Agency, the Royal Thai Police, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice. 

According to ICT Minister Grp Cpt Anudith Nakornthap, the CSOC is an upgrading of the Internet Security Operation Centre (ISOC) which was set up in 2010, and will employ up-to-date technology in dealing with inappropriate content on the internet, especially social media such as Facebook and Twitter, through which offensive materials can be distributed more easily and quickly.

‘To worship and protect the monarchy is an important duty of the government which has been announced in its policy statement to Parliament.  So it is the main duty of the Ministry to pursue the government’s policy to protect the monarchy, particularly in online social networks by using up-to-date information technology to control crime with the utmost efficiency,’ Anudith said.

The Minister said that during the three months (Sept – Nov) since he took office, the ministry had blocked over 60,000 URLs or pages, compared with over 70,000 during the previous three years.  This shows the intention of this government to demonstrate its loyalty to His Majesty the King, he said.

He attributed the increased numbers of blocked URLs to the increasing use of social media which allows users to distribute and share information at a more rapid rate and on a wider scale, in contrast to previously when offensive content was largely restricted to webboards.

Previously, in order to block internet content, the MICT would seek court orders and then ask local Internet Service Providers to block them or shut them down. However, this was able to block only local access, while ‘dangerous’ content was still available for those who lived abroad, he said.

So the MICT has recently asked ISPs or website owners abroad directly for cooperation.  With tip-offs from the public, the Ministry’s officials would collect information and send it to them together with an explanation in English making comparisons to similar crimes in that specific country.  Anudith said that this method had the merit of ‘making other countries understand the importance of the monarchy and suppressing inappropriate content at the source.’

According to the Minister, CSOC will recruit about 20 more staff members to boost its efficiency, and the Ministry is planning to amend the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

Recently, the MICT sent information about offences against the monarchy on the internet to police at the Technology Crime Suppression Division to make arrests.

‘It is expected that soon there will be good news about the arrest of culprits who distributed inappropriate information offensive to the high institution,’ he said, adding that the delay in this case and the lack of arrests were because the Ministry had to find evidence that could clearly identify the culprits so that they would not arrest the wrong persons.

According to the MICT, there are currently 17 million internet users in Thailand, compared to 2 million in 2000, and 13 million of them are Facebook users, 84% under 34 years old.

Jirawan Bunperm, Permanent Secretary of the MICT, said that the Ministry had run an online royal blessing programme through www.welovekingonline.com to allow people to show their loyalty to His Majesty the King by signing on as well wishers.  They can choose from among 9 different e-postcards, each of which contains a photograph of His Majesty the King and a video clip in a series entitled ‘Doing good without being seen’, which documents His Majesty’s royal duties.

The public can also choose from 5 well-wishing statements: 1. Long Live the King; 2. May His Majesty have Good Health; 3. May His Majesty Recover Quickly; 4. May His Majesty Long Reign over Siam; and 5. Unite All Hearts to Worship His Majesty the King Who has Endured to Secure Peace for Thais.



Prime Minister Yingluk needs

Prime Minister Yingluk needs to get rid of those in her cabinet, like Group Captain Anudith Nakornthap, whose loyalties are to the Royal Thai military and not to the people of Thailand.

If Yingluck expelled all from

If Yingluck expelled all from her party whose loyalties laid elsewhere besides with the people, the parliament would be empty, on both sides - and only the sounds of crickets chirping would be heard.

Or do you really think ANYONE in any political office on earth besides 1-2% actually take their supposed oaths and service to the people seriously? Do you? Really? Isn't that why the world is so screwed up? And isn't it people like you who encourage people to continue hoping "self-determination through democratic elections" is the key to their salvation what perpetuates all that is wrong in this world?

When people finally realize that the only people that care about them, their families and their communities, is they, themselves, and their neighbors, and begin making decisions from this new found reality, pursuing local pragmatism, self-sufficiency, and REAL self-determination wrought from the toil of their own two-hands will they see "salvation" come to them. When they stop paying, time, money, and attention to this ridiculous, failed system, and start paying into their own ideas and solutions will we see true "self-determination."

If you want to "look" for answers to your problems, stop looking at politicians, have faith, and look in the mirror. That person will help you - that person you can trust. Family, friends and community.


News of several other

News of several other persecutions in the pipeline. There can be no doubt about which administration is their author, if they go forward : the Yingluck Shinawatra Administration.

PPT has a link to an article on VOA, Thailand's Expanding Crackdown on Free Speech and Lèse Majesté. There is a link in the article to a very mild youtube. I don't think anyone is going to get in trouble clicking on it.

But Facebook users of any and every country on earth are warned to steer clear of Thailand if they want to keep their tender tushies out of Royal Thai Remand Dungeons, for years on end... awaiting 'trial'!

The ax has apparently fallen

The ax has apparently fallen on the first of three cases alluded to above

This is one of the three new LM cases I mentioned at #6. A statement, in Thai, by the accused.


He is Mr.Suraphot Thawisak, a lecturer in philosophy at Ratchaphat Suandusit University, Hua Hin campus.

He writes regularly for the Prachatai websites; his writing on political issues and especially on Buddhism and politics (he’s a specialist), appears at Prachatai almost every week, under both his real name and a well-known pseudonym “Nak Pratchaya Chai Khob” (a philosophy at the margin)... the charge and the issuing of summoning paper to report to the police have just been made about a week ago, in other words, after the current government had already pledged to the public and the UN that it would end indiscriminate, abusive use of LM of the past few years (for which it blamed the previous government.)

This Puea Thai regime is shaping up to be every bit as much a front for the Royal Thai Military as the repressive Democrat regime which preceded it. The more things change the more they stay the same.

This case is bound to be

This case is bound to be controversial. Charging academics even gets royalists concerned. With two more charges against academics likely to be made public, Chalerm's threat (https://thaipoliticalprisoners.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/chalerm-again-beats-the-lese-majeste-drum/) to crackdown on LM is being played out in ways that will be messy and dangerous.