Second hearing of Somyot’s case in Phetchabun

On 19 Dec, Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, editor of Voice of Taksin magazine and red-shirt leader, was brought to the provincial court in Phetchabun in lower northern Thailand for the hearing of the second prosecution witness, a former employee of his magazine.  The court room was packed with an audience from Bangkok and local areas.

Benja Homwan, currently a company employee, testified in court that she had been a member of the administrative staff for the magazine since the executive editor was Prasaeng Mongkhonsiri who was later replaced by Somyot.  She was responsible for membership subscriptions and the distribution of the magazine to almost 1,000 members. 

She also had to check emails, and save and print articles which were sent to Somyot for him to read, but she did not know whether Somyot ever edited those articles.  She saw that a sender named ‘Jitr Pollachan’ sent articles, which were the grounds for this prosecution against Somyot, and heard her colleagues saying that it was a pen name of Jakraphob Penkair.

Jakraphob, a politician allied with Thaksin Shinawatra, was charged with lèse majesté for his speech on Thailand’s patronage system at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand in August 2007, and he fled the country after the red shirt demonstrations were dispersed by the Abhisit Vejjajiva government in April 2009. 

‘Jitr Pollachan’ is a mix of the names of two legendary Thai Marxist revolutionaries: Jitr Bhumisak and Assanee Pollachan. 

The prosecution witness, in answer to defence questions, said that she did not know whether Jakraphob was really ‘Jitr Pollachan’, and she had never seen him visiting the office.  She saw several articles by Jitr Pollachan published in the magazine, but did not know whether they had been published after Prasaeng was the executive editor.

She said that Somyot had contributed to the magazine using his real name.

The first hearing in Somyot’s case was held in Sa Kaew province in eastern Thailand on 21 Nov.  He was brought to Phetchabun on 28 Nov.  He will be transferred further north to Nakhon Sawan and then down to Songkhla in the south for the next prosecution witness hearings on 16 Jan and 13 Feb 2012, respectively. 

The defence lawyer asked the provincial court to send Somyot to a Bangkok prison because several prosecution witnesses, although having their original residences in the provinces, worked and lived in Bangkok.  However, the provincial court refused, saying that the hearings in the provinces had been ordered by the Criminal Court and it would not change that.

Suwit Thongnual, the defence lawyer, told reporters that to bring the defendant to the provinces for the hearings was considered an abuse, subjecting his client to the hardship of travelling, isolation from his family and friends and without access to legal assistance.  The witness today was in fact a native of Nakhon Sawan, not Phetchabun, he said.

He was particularly concerned with his client’s safety at the hearing in Songkhla, where local political leanings were very different from that of the red shirts.  He had consulted with Somyot and they would ask the court to cancel that hearing.

‘Simply put, we’ll boycott it.  We’ll never go there.  If they force us to go, they have to drag or carry us there,’ the lawyer said.


Even the mob's lawyers (see

Even the mob's lawyers (see PPT for the reference, I'm presently blocked) have figured out that this vindictive nonsense is tearing out the few threads of credibility the Evil Empire has left. I guess they're just spiteful enough to cause as much suffering as possible to as many as possible as they go down for the count. "Conflict merchants" is very apt. They've managed to make Thaksin look a lot better than he has in quite awhile.

I thought the Truth For

I thought the Truth For Reconciliation Commission called for a ban on the use of shackles on prisoners and criminal suspects, in order to conform with the United Nations' principle on human rights. It seems like the government doesn't even read its own reports.

There is an English

There is an English translation of Kanit's panel's recommendations (pdf)...

3.2 Proceed in earnest with a temporary release which is a fundamental right
of accused persons and defendants in order to enable accused persons and defendants to
defend their cases to prove innocence and to reduce effects from the restriction of
freedoms on themselves and families.

... marvelous to relate, they are well to the left of the present Thai Rak Thai Puea Thai Regime.

Seems as though the erstwhile ardent politicos've fallen out of love with the Thai people... fallen head over heels for the heel and the head... of the Air Force squadron.

Thai E-news is running a series of articles on the Chalerm-Anudith Government's inaction in pursuit of justice.
Question No. 1 : Why are you ignoring the Red Shirts still in Prison?

The link I referred to above is Kanit on lese majeste.

On the other side of the issue is our man Prayuth, whose remarks during the past political campaign vastly increased the turnout and victory margin of the party perceived at that time to be a bulwark against the military. This time he's crooning the tune , "love lese majeste or get out".

No doubt he'll work his same magic again in 'favor' of his present cause... but it is all concerned Thai citizens directly who will have to respond to his tune, now that the Puea Thai's sole is full of holes and it's so down at the heels... "Sing it in the shower back in the barracks, please! And please close the door, if you would."

If they force us to go, they

If they force us to go, they have to drag or carry us there,’ the lawyer said.

Sooner or later some prisoner is going to have to be carried into court as a protest against wearing these degrading shackles, as well.

Somyot is Thaksin's

Somyot is Thaksin's propagandist - wrote death threats, calls for violence, and blueprinted violence that became a reality in 2010 carried out by his readership.

Calling a piece of garbage like Somyot a "political prisoner" undermines the plight of those who really are political prisoners, and you desensitize people to calls to action as they tire from disingenuous campaigns like this. When the time comes to help someone genuine out - people will react slower and less vigorously out of suspicion that they may be, like Somyot the hired shill of a mass-murdering autocratic billionaire like Thaksin.

Oh, look, Tony's back with

Oh, look, Tony's back with more of his unsubstantiated claims.

Go read Somyots murderous

Go read Somyots murderous rants yourself - it's hard to defend him when he published his calls for violence, murder, arson, and sedition openly, in a magazine printed in Cambodia with mass murdering Hun Sen's blessings. He did so as a UDD red shirt leader and a servant to Thaksin.

He is a criminal, he is part of an undemocratic, autocratic, mass-murdering regime that seeks to seize back power in Thailand, not empower but rather enslave the rural poor to serve their agenda.

Sorry Albert - just saying I'm making "unsubstantiated claims" doesn't work anymore. People will check my links and see for themselves.

Of course, none of the

Of course, none of the pictures you post translate to the unsubstantiated claims you make. Show me dates - two of your photos are undated - and the words that substantiate your claims. My view would be that such claims - which are those made by the government at the time to justify the censorship that you always rail against when it is you who feels "censored" - can't be substantiated. If they could be, Somyot would be facing more charges than a politicized lese majeste claim. Dates, pages, specific statements. The accuser should be able to substantiate the claims with more than a couple of pics.

I provided archives of UDD

I provided archives of UDD Red Shirt propaganda - including Thaksin lackey and murdermonger Somyot's Voice of Taksin - which ARE DATED.

Here it is again.

Really "AP" you must think people that really read Prachatai to be dim wits making such obviously deceitful comments like the one above. Go to the archives and look through the material. Those people are not only calling for violence they are willfully lying and manipulating people which is FRAUD not "freedom of speech." If you tell a blind woman the intersection is clear when it is not and she dies - YOU JUST KILLED HER.

If you tell impressionable followers that hundreds of red shirts are being mass murdered and they need to rush to the city and fight a "people's war" you've just committed conspiracy to mass-murder - not "free speech."

And again, you defile utterly the principles of freedom by dragging them through the muck to defend depraved opportunists like Somyot. If you don't see LM as a compromise to putting him in front of a firing squad where he belongs you are more intellectually listless than I can begin to describe.

No Tony, no reasonable person

No Tony, no reasonable person makes accusations that are specific without clear evidence. The material you post is simply not that. I know you are a propagandist, but this is basic and simple. Provide the evidence.

See, he can't do it. He

See, he can't do it. He probably can't even read 'em. Fraud.

The idea of a political

The idea of a political prisoner refusing to attend court when charged on lese majeste is a move that will undoubtedly confuse the elite. More power to Somyot!

Is Tony serving as a

Is Tony serving as a prosecution witness...prosecutor and judge in this trial?
Perhaps he can justify the shackling of people who offend others. Such an atavistic practice in this day and age. It is immature, childish, mean and self-insulting. Human dignity? Not in Thailand. People that maintain and applaud this kind of inhumane treatment need to be put in education camps.

FGA - people are shackled so

FGA - people are shackled so they can't escape. Inhumane? Wonder if humanity was something on Somyot's mind as he stirred ignorant dupes to risk their lives, create bloodshed and chaos in the streets of Thailand ALLLLL for a billionaire, mass-murdering, autocrat who openly works for Wall Street - Thaksin Shinawatra.

Sorry FGA - I do care about human dignity, so much so I don't believe in defending human garbage in fear of demeaning the plight of real victims. Somyot has done something wrong - his propaganda promoted and called for violence - he needs to be held accountable, and since people have died and more lives stand to be lost - life in prison seems very reasonable.

It seems that the prosecution

It seems that the prosecution thrust is to argue that because Somyot published an article by Jakropobh Penkair , he must be guilty. Because Jakropobh has been accused of lese majeste (not sure if he's been charged), everything he says must be tainted by lese majeste.

Is Jakropobh a "banned" person as in the old South Africa? Would I be liable to be charged with lese majeste if I quoted anything he ever said?

The comparison with Apartheid

The comparison with Apartheid South Africa is an interesting one. Dr Tul Sitthisomwong has argued for a Thai genotype... 'derived', apparently, from acquired characteristics inherited from the royalist phenotype... that constitutes the race of "true-Thais".

Although the only approved separation of the races, "true-" and "untrue-" Thais, in Thailand has thus far been prison or 'disappearance' for the "untrue-Thais", Prayuth has apparently expanded the possibilities, proposing expulsion and exile for "untrue-Thais" who question the application of Article 112, or worse advocate its abolition...

If people think Thai law is unjust or too harsh, they can go live abroad.

That pronouncement was apparently made on the strength of genetic inheritance alone, since Prayuth holds no elective position - a mere "technicality" for a man wearing his genes.

In the same article it is casually remarked that another Royal Thai Army mole in the so-called Phuea Thai government has invited the Royal Thai Army to take over the streets again on New Year's eve...

Defence Minister Gen Yutthasak Sasiprapa said he had ordered the armed forces to assist police assigned to ensure security during the New Year celebrations in Bangkok.

Military police would be deployed to support police in areas seen as being prone to violence... "such as Ratchaprasong intersection, Silom and Khao San Roads..."

Will the "untrue-Thais" discovered at those sites through a sniper's sights be summarily executed, as a "cautionary measure" to other "untrue-Thais" lingering about? Or merely imprisoned, or disappeared, as usual?

Jakropob and Somyot both

Jakropob and Somyot both called for violent uprisings - Somyot more so and demonstratively in his "Voice of Taksin" rag on a regular basis. Neither are political prisoners - or in Jakropob's case a political exile - rather they are both Thaksinite propagandists working to divide and destroy Thailand - on record.

Jakropob called for a "People's War" and if we study our history and the Maoist/Marxist sense he meant it in, we'll realize he's talking about the bloodbaths that took place in Russia, China, and neighboring Cambodia at the cost of literally 100's of millions of lives collectively. No thanks - and yes people conspiring to trigger mass murder and genocide belong in prison.

Somyot's case is, like so many other corrupt Thaksinites facing trial, centered on just one of many charges he is guilty of. Thaksin himself has committed a myriad of crimes and atrocities - the land deal being just a technicality - a slap on the wrist even - compared to say his 3 month, 2,500+ dead drug war.

When you defend garbage like Somyot and Jakrapob and by default Thaksin, you defile the ideals of freedom and justice you claim are being abused in pursuing justice against them and their crimes. If you want to compare Somyot's trial to something historical, perhaps you could say it is a micro-version of the Nuremberg trials where Hitler's propagandists were held accountable for poisoning the minds of the German people and paving the way to horrendous violence.

Gee 'Greg'... are you the

Gee 'Greg'... are you the hand or the puppet at

You must be paid by the post with no utter bogosity penalty, eh?

Working for the military brain trust does have its compensations, I suppose.

Broadcasting static instead of signal is called jamming.

Hey, everybody's gotta eat, right?

Static? What do you call your

Static? What do you call your post which filled several lines and had absolutely nothing to do with the article or subject above? Lol Hypocrite much?

John is it possible for you to address the topic at hand? Or is that all you are capable of doing - seizing something, ANYTHING to cling to other than the issues because you are intellectually inept in every other way to defend the fraudulent propaganda peddled here on US-funded Prachatai ?

"Jakropob called for a "People's War" and if we study our history and the Maoist/Marxist sense he meant it in, we'll realize he's talking about the bloodbaths that took place in Russia, China, and neighboring Cambodia at the cost of literally 100's of millions of lives collectively. No thanks - and yes people conspiring to trigger mass murder and genocide belong in prison. "

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this statement? Is that not what Jakropob and Somyot have been calling for in their publications? Do they not use almost exclusively Marxist and Moaist language, imagery, and ideals when brainwashing the masses?

Yes I think it is and this is the issue and how Somyot is NOT a political prisoner and how those that say he is are compromised and absolute frauds.

And honestly "John" of all the possible scenarios as to why I typed "Greg" instead of "Tony" you picked the most absurd and paranoid of the bunch - and of course - did so without a shred of evidence. But I do encourage you and everyone else to keep making up the most ridiculous stories about me possible, those that really know me get a kick out of them, and one day when I do reveal my identity it will be like a torpedo through whatever credibility you might still be clinging to.

Advice to you "John" stick with only what you know and you can't go wrong. Make up things and make a fool out of yourself and your cause. I'd suggest you stick to your pedantic condescending rebuttals and leave the detective work to sounder and sturdier intellects.

Hi Greg (, aka

Hi Greg (, aka Tony (, you forgot to change your IP address! LOL!

I also forgot to change the

I also forgot to change the way I write - it's almost as if I simply typed in the wrong name in the box. Then again this is a big opportunity for Prachatai - instead of struggling against questions as to why you call Thaksin's paid propagandist Somyot a "political prisoner" when he called for violence and chaos, you can instead, baselessly obsess over why I typed "Greg" instead of "Tony."

It really highlights the dedication you have to "civil society" and meaningful civil discourse. Is this what future you plan to bring to Thailand where we are mired in superficial minutia instead of discussing issues? So go ahead, the more you talk about me, and the less you talk about Somyot, the more you expose this is about destroying opposing views, not weighing them against reason and pursuing the truth.

Again - like "John" I thank you for illustrating how meaningless Prachatai is and what an immense fraud their work is.

Tony or whatever you choose

Tony or whatever you choose to call yourself today, the evidence of fraud is now absolutely clear. The fraud is you. Well done! Please come back with your best Khmer Rouge-like slurs.

Actually this is a very

Actually this is a very instructive insight of the inner workings of the Prachatai retinue - by simply typing in a different name with the same IP number, "John" has managed to concoct an entire narrative involving a "military brain trust" though he doesn't mention which military that might be - the IP is Canadian - do you mean the Canadian military? Mounties maybe?

And then he goes on to accuse me of "jamming" the broadcast with my "static" even though despite my typo - I still managed to talk about how Somoyot is NOT a political prisoner and how calling him so degrades the very idea of political persecution - while "John's" comment was utterly devoid of on-topic commentary.

That really is Prachatai in a nutshell. Juvenile, desperate, and entirely disinterested in real honest debate - and determined to derail it at any given opportunity. Thanks John - you've done a magnificent job illustrating this and what a stupendously minute intellect you have despite your "upper crust" "pinky-raised" vocabulary.

As always, Prachatai is funded by Neo-Con warmongering Wall Street scum....

And really - John, I do want to know how you call Somyot a political prisoner when he is clearly Thaksin's paid propagandist and used his propaganda to stir violence and even loss of life. Could you please refrain from jumping to such fantastical conspiracy theories and stick to the issue this time? Or would you like me to start fitting you up for a tin foil hat?

Hee hee! So you are Greg,

Hee hee! So you are Greg, ain't you? Why using a different name? Go on. I enjoy your posts very much.

So John votes that I am part

So John votes that I am part of a secret Canadian military cadre paid to infiltrate Prachatai...

"Tony-Greg" votes that I am in fact a man named "Greg" whom he/she seems to be familiar with.

I also had Prachatai contributing writer "Gerrard" accuse me of being an American intelligence Asia hub commander, paid by the Thai government.

Any other takers? Someone want to mention my potential affiliation with reptoids?

Oh - and just in case you are interested in the actual topic of the article above, and the farce that is playing out with Somyot - who I assure you is NOT a political prisoner and very much belongs in prison...

"military brain trust" - in

"military brain trust" - in Thailand that may be considered as a multiple oxymoron.

BTW - Somyot is a political prisoner simply because he is imprisoned for two charges of lese majeste (two separate articles deemed critical of the royal family) and not for advocating violence.

Though clearly Patrick you

Though clearly Patrick you don't deny that Somyot is the paid propagandist of Thaksin and did advocate violence throughout his publications, do you?

That being the case - and that his rhetoric in fact served as the blueprints which got people killed, he could technically be put on trial for insurrection. Since his movement and his paymaster Thaksin are both foreign backed, treason can also be added on.

Undoubtedly he would be found guilty and eligible for a death sentence or at the very least life in prison. Clearly someone somewhere felt mitigating his sentence might help smooth hostilities over and perhaps spare some lives in the process. Sort of like in Belarus where a US-funded propagandist was hit for tax evasion instead of treason and given 4 years in prison. Sure beats a firing squad, wouldn't you say? But it seems you're intent on causing division and chaos no matter what they do. I find it pretty disgusting how you twist and warp reality, knowing Somyot is a criminal and getting let off the hook in a way - but still wringing your hands as if he is a victim.

Nice try Tony, but you are

Nice try Tony, but you are the one shown to be the fraud. Somyot is a political prisoner, imprisonedby a royalist regime that is protecting its crumbling foundations.

Somyot is Thakin's paid

Somyot is Thakin's paid propagandist - the entire UDD is a fraud - its leaders meeting in Washington DC to consort with, now get this....

The US ASEAN Business Council including....

General Electric
Northrop Grumman
Connoco Phillips
Goldman Sachs (gee nothing says "Democracy" like bankster scum!)
Bank of America
and many, many more - find them here....

As well as the National Endowment for Democracy - also packed full of corporate fascist craven scum - and incidentally the same people funding Prachatai millions of baht year to year.

I have documented this all here...

and even reproduced the UDD's OWN LETTER bragging about it!!!!

It's not that you and Prachatai, and the UDD and its myriad of fake academics supporting this deceitful movement are frauds - it is that you are such stupendous frauds you can't even begin to defend it - and must resort to simply saying "that's not true - you're a liar!" If this movement of yours is so important & revolutionary - you'd take the time to explain it to those who question it. That you have habitually failed to do so speaks volumes.

Corporate fascist, Neo

Corporate fascist, Neo Conservative Freedom House' s "Democracy and the Deluge in Thailand..."

Thai translation courtesy of none other than Robert Amsterdam - on record, very overtly Thaksin's paid propagandist/lobbyist/lawyer.

Can't wait for Prachatai to get their memo from FH to post this up - let yet another convergence of Thaksin his lobbyists, his foreign supporters and Prachatai's sponsors expose what an absolute fraud this entire "civil society" really is.

FYI Kenneth Adelman, a frothing warmonger and Neo-Con, is a director at Freedom House and was a lobbyist for Thaksin as well via the Eldeman PR firm - just like Amsterdam is now. Yet somehow Prachatai is going to continue maintaining that not only is this not a conflict of interest, but they are in fact "independent" - a flat out lie. Nothing worth commenting on here Albert? Or are you going to post the latest football scores from ESPN as your next rebuttal?

Somyot is a political

Somyot is a political prisoner, imprisoned by a royalist regime that is protecting its crumbling foundations. It is as simple as that. All of the repeated posting about who pays who can't change that. He deserves to be released and compensated.