Fit to be Thai-ed

This year’s Royal Birthday Speech included another call for unity, echoing previous years’ addresses as well as pronouncements from just about everybody with a claim to some form of national leadership. A call for disunity would hardly be helpful, so this all seems to be perfectly acceptable, if a little anodyne.

Until some of them demonstrate that by unity, they in fact mean uniformity.

So Army Chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, in trying to close down the debate over the lèse majesté law by adding to it, remarked that that those who do not like this perfect law should stay away from the country. This seems another way of repeating Pongpat Wachirabanjong’s acceptance speech at last year’s TV awards when he likened Thailand to ‘father's house’ and ‘if you don’t love dad anymore, then you should get out of here’.

(And as if to demonstrate the insanity of Gen Prayuth’s ‘perfect’ lèse majesté law, he was promptly prosecuted under Article 112 - case later dismissed with no action taken against the accuser as far as I can discover.)

The mindset here appears to be that there are certain essential characteristics to being Thai and anyone failing to display these characteristics forfeits their Thainess and their right to a place in Thai society. (I will leave it to people like Dr Tul Sitthisomwong to provide the scientific proof of the genetic bases of these characteristics.)

But if we are going to get into cultural eugenics, then I fear that a lot of people, through sheer ignorance, may fall foul of the details. I have been searching the sociological literature for a clear explanation of the defining features of Thainess and I have been disappointed with the vagueness of the results.

The somewhat nationalistic texts tell us that proper Thais are polite (except when they drive), tolerant (except for people who have different opinions), honest (unless they belong to the majority who think corruption is OK as long as it gets the job done), prudent (but not when it comes to crash helmets), self-sufficient (until you have a problem in life, in which case you run to the next person for help) and respectful of tradition (provided this does not involve a knowledge of history).

Worthy as these ideas may be, they are next to useless as a practical guide to the proper way of being Thai. Highfalutin virtues are all very well, but we need concrete examples.

So let me, as a disinterested observer, provide some help by starting, not from lofty principles, but from hard facts on the ground.

1) A true Thai should never be serious, a fundamental character fault incompatible with proper Thainess. Most Thais already know this, judging from the frequency with which you hear ‘Yaa serious, na!’ A lack of seriousness is especially valuable in activities where most cultures value seriousness, like studying.

2) It is never necessary for real Thais to walk quickly. Thais should walk more slowly on narrow footpaths or when walking 3 or more abreast, and the speed of pedestrians should be in inverse proportion to the number of (pathetically un-Thai) people behind you trying to get past.

3) Any Thai product, from bread to housing, can be improved by bright pastel colours. Coloured fluorescent lights will similarly enhance any Thai occasion, from fun fairs to funerals, especially if they blink.

4) All psychological or spiritual troubles of true Thais, from PMT to PTS, are best cured by shopping. Many devout Thais (meaning those who are devoutly Thai) will visit a shopping mall, supermarket or convenience store at least once a day and substantial national resources are devoted to the continuous construction of ever more retail outlets.

5) True Thais have an infinite capacity for being surprised. Drivers who run red lights or cross railway lines when the bells are dinging are genuinely shocked to be involved in accidents (and absolutely gobsmacked should they be given a ticket). The most hackneyed, drawn-out, ham-acted slapstick skit will cause hysterics in real Thais, who find such performances most original and creative, even if they watched virtually the same thing last night.

6) And most of all, real Thais will not believe a word of this, partly because of a distaste for anything that smacks of analysis, but primarily because of the unshakable belief that Thainess is something that only Thais can understand, and non-Thais who write clever-clogs stuff like this ought to be deported.


There is only one thing to

There is only one thing to say about Thainess,
But it would take a book
To write about the quality of Thainess
Where if not by hook, then crook
The pages would quickly fill
With accounts beyond wild dreams.
Logic o ye’ interloper! is cast asunder
Our fabled stories fill reams and hearts.
Oh, great task! Trying to tell those who are not Thai
What it is to be those who are.
Reason and fact by need become dismissed minutiae
Unique claims always take precedent.
We who are to be born here and reborn under daily inspiration
We real Thais who accept our drumbeat state media
That tell us of why we insist on uniqueness. Because we are unique.
See? You do not understand.

Thanks for that - it's a

Thanks for that - it's a Classic:)

Great to see the US State

Great to see the US State Department funding Prachatai to write bigoted, racist garbage and peddling it as "progressive." Wonder if I wrote a list regarding Jews, how that would go down....

1. Something involving bagels.
2. Something involving funny hats.
3. Something involving complaining about the Holocaust
4. Something about jailing people in Europe for questioning anything "Jews" do.

I'm thinking it would be written off as just what it is - superficial, insulting, and irrelevant to any rational debate - and if I was as audacious as Harrison to call these "factual" or "analysis" I would be shouted out for ignorant stereotyping.

What utter nonsense. No-they mean unity - not uniformity. One walk through Bangkok and you can tell that despite Thais coming from all across the Kingdom, having different customs, cultures, and practices, they are all at the end of the day Thai. This Thaksin UDD political wedge Wall Street and London are driving in is to create an artificial schism in Thai society, destabilize the nation, and create the conditions that will allow them to move in and execute their agenda.

Divide and conquer, one of the oldest tricks in the book - and one the US and British have written about in great depth throughout their history of imperialism/manifest destiny.

Indeed, Thaksin and the UDD are foreign funded traitors and their followers are being led into intentionally destabilizing the country to garner a tactical advantage. Thailand's strength thoughout the centuries has ALWAYS been its unity. Prachatai - of course being fully funded by corporate-fascist warmongers...

... is going to obviously lie through its teeth - just as they did regarding their funding - and try to make this out as something unreasonable. Harrison - please crawl back under the US State Department flab you crawled out of until you are ready to talk FULLY, and OPENLY about the truth - both sides of the debate. It would also be nice if you could actually cite ANY facts at all....

Cite facts... like our

Cite facts... like our one-sided anonymous expert who does not himself allow anyone to cite anything on his many blogs. Listening to Praphan on ASTV is the same as listening to Tony here. Angry, inflexible, all-knowing, dismissive, name-calling, ignorant of syllogisms and the need to hold them together logically, always willing to help force others into prison because they have injured his feelings. Some "ness" or "ism" you are defending, Tony. A real case study.

What does my identity have to

What does my identity have to do with the following verified, documented facts???

US is funding Prachatai....

US is funding CURRENTLY Thaksin and UDD....

US, Soros, etc. even funded 2 out of 3 fellowships the Nation's Pravit - a frequent contributor here at Prachatai - has taken part in...

Reuters Fellowship... Soros' Open Society amongst others

Salzburg Fellowship... US State Dept. Exxon. Bank of America, Open Society etc....

Prachatai is a fraud, so is the agenda they peddle, so are the people defending them, even if they do so out of sheer ignorance. Until you can actually point out to where I am being dishonest, deceitful, or even promoting an agenda that some sort of special interest would pay me to write about - you really are just gnashing your teeth incoherently and in absolute vain. My identity has NO effect on the facts documented above. They are self-evident- self-explanatory, and quite frankly you look ridiculous trying to circumvent either refuting them or confirming them with your constant diversions of obsessing over "who I am."

I only ever promote self-sufficiency and personal sovereignty throughout my writings - I am not supporting one political clique over the other - only reporting on where Thai news converges with geopolitics - which is the subject you will find my blog reporting on almost exclusively.

It isn't your identity Tony,

It isn't your identity Tony, its what you do and why you do it. What advantage accrues to you for the effort you put in is a mystery to me and I dare say to others as well. In the absence of any justification offered by you for the trolling you do, people are entitled to speculate as to your agenda, which is always carefully hidden.

Neither is it the factoids you peddle. Like conspiracy theorists everywhere, its the bizarre implications you place upon them. This means that, that means this, and none of it is even remotely sensible. So people look at your meanderings and draw their own conclusions. As people will.

Personally I think you're a stooge for the monarchists, perhaps ypu're being paid but I suspect you're a dedicated, if slightly unhinged, volunteer.

Hopefully the festive season will afford you some relief from your turmoil. Its clear you have an obsession with Prachatai, just as it is clear that you are probably partly deranged.

Because I'm a psychologist, I can say that you do appear to be a fool.

Another WHOLE comment full of

Another WHOLE comment full of personal attacks and COMPLETELY avoiding any of the facts. If "this doesn't mean that" it should be a simple matter for you to illustrate with documented evidence. Instead, you invest an inordinate amount of time gibbering about what's wrong with me personally, instead of sorting through the FACTS that I present and explaining your point of view...

The FACT that Prachatai, Thaksin, UDD, Pravit, ThaiNetizen and many more are ALLLLLLLL FUNDED by the same clique of foreign interests doesn't at all seem suspicious to you? Especially since these EXACT same interests have gutted the Middle East, and mired it in war and genocide and resulted not in democracy but a bunch of corporate fascist puppets being put in place instead. Pretty obvious its a huge fraud.

Here are the facts again and please - spare us the dribbling pedantic rant - and explain how this doesn't constitute a huge conflict of interest and furthermore illustrate immense fraud, treason, and sedition on the involved parties' behalf....

US is funding Prachatai....

US is funding CURRENTLY Thaksin and UDD....

US, Soros, etc. even funded 2 out of 3 fellowships the Nation's Pravit - a frequent contributor here at Prachatai - has taken part in...

Reuters Fellowship... Soros' Open Society amongst others

Salzburg Fellowship... US State Dept. Exxon. Bank of America, Open Society etc....

And here is a full account of the last year of NED-funded subversion worldwide. Perhaps you as a "psychologist" can tell us what it's called when you are presented with the truth and incapable of replacing your faulty perceptions. I'm not a psychologist, but I believe it's called cognitive dissonance. Lucky for you you can write your own prescription.

US is funding Prachatai,

US is funding Prachatai, Thaksin, UDD, ThaiNetizen, etc. so it can cause great division and chaos in the country which may lead to destruction of the top institution and the upper and middle class so it can then take over the country. Wow, never thought of that before. Thanks Tony for the enlightenment.

"Another WHOLE comment full

"Another WHOLE comment full of personal attacks and COMPLETELY avoiding any of the facts. If "this doesn't mean that" it should be a simple matter for you to illustrate with documented evidence. Instead, you invest an inordinate amount of time gibbering about what's wrong with me personally, instead of sorting through the FACTS that I present and explaining your point of view..."

Well, no, not agreeing with you and thinking you are a fool are not ad-hominem attacks Tony, although in common with most of the Thailand monarchists you equate not agreeing with you as a threat, perhaps a national security threat. No doubt Prachatai is trying to bring down the monarchy too?

I can however give you a bit of a hint, since you don;t seem to be very good at all this... if you are going to put forward some specious wacko ]conspiracy theory, you might find that quoting 'evidence' or 'facts' that consist of stuff you have written yourself doesn't actually count for very much when trying to persuade intelligent people of your bona fides. You might also find that simply including a link to a web page is not necessarily evidence that a website contains anything at all in support of your somewhat fragile fairy tale. Probably OK to convince the average monarchist Thai, but then they aren't exactly known for being the sharpest tools in the box so its a bit like shooting fish in a barrel for you. Undemanding.

I appreciate that talking to you reasonably may well be futile, people who are obsessed and/or deluded cling on to their reality for all they're worth, much like a few obsessed/deluded Thais cling on the the Palace fairytales. Its like a comfort blanket you see. rip it off and they feel naked and irrelevant, a bit dim and very vulnerable. You understand how that feels, don't you?

Still, I wish you a Merry Xmas. Maybe Santa will pop down your chimney with some nice new 'evidence' and 'facts' that other people have written. Now that would be a present for us all..

Tony, nobody needs to attack

Tony, nobody needs to attack you, trust me.

your comments are repetitively ludicrous to the point of furthering your own self- destruction as a valid commenter. I sometimes wonder if you might not have things to say others would actually like to hear and have a dialogue about.

But then, I am pretty sure it is not dialogue you seek.

Another baseless rant - why

Another baseless rant - why is pointing out Prachatai's real funding and that accepting such funding makes Prachatai an absolute fraud "ludicrous?" Because you simply "say" it is ridiculous?

Prachatai, on record, takes millions of baht a year from the National Endowment for Democracy, Open Society, and USAID, all on record as frauds in their own right. Noam Chomsky calls NED's work, "an attempt to impose what is called democracy, meaning rule by the rich and the powerful, without interference by the mob but within the framework of formal electoral procedures." It is a rouse, gilded tyranny.

So if Prachatai is accepting such money from NED it derides everything they claim they are fighting for. Taking money from such a disingenuous organization - like it or not - reflects directly on Prachatai's own integrity. They have utterly failed to address this major issue and simply "assure" us, after hiding for years about their funding, that there is no conflict of interest. Unfortunately on a daily basis, Prachatai reposts talking points handed out by NED & its subsidiaries including Freedom House. In fact they are defrauding their readership, their charity registration, and anyone who donates to them under the impression that they are "independent" as they fraudulently claim.

This is a FACT. A verified fact you, and your peers have failed categorically to refute. While you may be kidding yourselves, and each other - conscious minds with objective critical thinking will see me providing evidence and you providing empty rhetoric.

Self-sufficiency. Most Thais

Most Thais have been living a life of self-sufficiency for eons and could probably teach you a thing or two. Your talk of SMEs remind me of Taksin's Otop.

Actually - Thais have already

Actually - Thais have already taught me a thing or two about self-sufficiency - which is why I wrote this....

Please stop abusing us with your ignorance and intellectual sloth - I post up research & ideas and instead of reading them and considering as one would do in an intelligent debate, you simply reassert your myopic obsession on your narrow ideology and political persuasions. Please grow up and by doing so help enhance, not hobble REAL discourse.

@Errin: I fully agree.

I fully agree.

Well-written factoid/less-than-factoid website pages. The comprehensive nature of the narrative is good "example" research material for analytical minds. Site set up late 2010 in Bkk.

A good example indeed, thi is

A good example indeed, thi is very much how Thailand would like to be perceived, and is based on the fact that a persons perception is his or her reality so whatever bullshit you can get them to believe becomes reality for them.

I note it was commissioned by the Thai Foreign Ministry. I don't know who actually wrote the words, but it was clearly not a Thai. I doubt there are many Thais with that command of English though there are a few jarring words which Thais do love to use in an attempt to give the impression of a good education to a foreign audience. Recall the classic 'uneducate people' - a typically Thai foot-shot.

My best guess at first glance would be a PR company in UK, its a fairly obvious (and clumsy) attempt to paint Thailand as a civilised country and responsible member of the international community after the infamy of April/May 2010, and not at all like Columbia or Nicaragua or Thailand or some other banana republic. Oops.

Its clearly designed to convey an impression that is at variance with the truth. In other words, its a lie - more accurately, a series of lies. It does that pretty well. I especially liked the reference to piracy and the omission of the fact that a Thai piracy control vessel was jijacked - by pirates. Incompetence re-defined.

Hey ho. more grist for the mill... Merry Christmas everyone. - yes, even to random man and anyone who insists on using a 2nd initial or christian name just because that's what prominent athletes and scholars in English public schools do (or used to do in the good ole days).

Another website that helps

Another website that helps open up the curtain of understanding Thainess might be seen on re. the Thai tsunami...

"Awareness raising: General awareness regarding the tsunami
phenomenon was low prior to 26 December 2004. Further, as no disaster
planning had been conducted in preparation for a tsunami, initial warnings that
were issued regarding seismic activity in the region did not result in action by
the population. The workshops therefore recommended that efforts to
increase awareness among the general public in affected areas must be
stepped up, for example by further integrating relevant information into school
It appears on the face of it that the population is being cited for being unprepared but that the state/government is protected from any blame for this. And since the disaster, I have yet to see a formal Thai government report explaining their actions regarding the warning or lack thereof, and its response to numerous suits filed against them.

As an aside, a current Roiet MP was on ASTV yesterday, asked what he thought of anyone trying to amend or support emending Article 112. Not sure whether he felt he was on the national cultural "real Thai"spot or not, but he wiggled out by saying, "Well, anyone that supports changes to Article 112 appears they want to get rid of the monarchy."
The comment is reviewed here because there has to be one person out there who supports both the monarchy and amending Article 112. After all, it was amended in the past to make it far more severe, and as a result, has been abused to punish people who offended fellow Thais but who did not impact national security in the least despite public claims otherwise. This is part of the reason why the US and UN actually came out commenting on the severity and even total lack of necessity of this law. As to those who deem amendment as tantamount to unleashing the dogs of Hell, there are several avenues to pursue in amendment. A straightaway immediate repeal is out of the question - no real support based on absence of an informed population that is intellectually capable of making an informed decision on the issue - it has been spoon-fed so so long its ability to make an objective judgment is lacking. And where did the funding for all this spoon-feeding come from? Tony....?

"And where did the funding

"And where did the funding for all this spoon-feeding come from? Tony....?"

No point looking for a comment from Tony on this one, he hasn't got any of his own meanderings to refer to as evidence, and in any case, he's a paid monarchist anti-Thaksin stooge. It came from the USA of course, as a present from the land of the free in their God-given quest to defend the world against communism. Whether the world wanted or needed defending or not is a question they prefer not to ask of course. Sometimes it seems the one thing the USA doesn't f*ck up is the propaganda campaigns in corruption-prone and vulnerable banana republics that the USA quite fancies as new fiefdoms, even though that has backfired on them more times than enough. You would think they would have learned from the lessons of Afghanistan, Iran., Iraq, Vietnam and others but apparently not. It seems that Uncle Sam is also quite adept at creating enemies for Uncle Sam while thinking he is creating lifelong friends.

I believe there's is one important point though in all this whipped-up hysteria about defending the indefensible 112, and that is that nobody has yet noted the self-fulfilling quality of the hysteria. Upping the ante by pointing to a wish to amend or abolish a stupendously anti-democracy law as being prima-facae evidence of a wish to abolish the monarchy is quite likely to bring abut exactly that result. Here's how it works:

Young Somchai, who is relatively bright, who can see the Thai cradle-to-the-grave propaganda for what it is, rightly sees 112 as merely another repressive tool much beloved by those who have done very nicely the way things are and do not wish to see either democracy or any other change to the corrupt and kleptocratic status quo in Thailand. The monarchists, not the brightest stars in the constellation, even for Thailand, denounce people who wish to see the end of the repressive use of 112 (people like Somchai) as in fact wishing to see the end of the monarchy, though they have never said and probably never even thought any such thing. Of course the self-serving monarchist stooges only wish to engender loathing of these independent thinkers on the basks that 'All (proper) Thais love the [...] (self-censored). In other words, the monarchists stooges merely demonstrate that they believe their own propaganda, which is probably unsurprising since they are hardly the brightest stars in the constellation by my definition.


Sorry, you are claiming that

Sorry, you are claiming that first, the UN has some sort of authority or place to judge sovereign nations - they don't, and second, that the UN somehow has a shred of legitimacy or moral integrity, they don't.

The UN green lighted sanctions that starved a million Iraqis to death knowing full well that was going to be the consequence. The UN has likewise allowed NATO and the terrorists of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group to commit sweeping genocide throughout Libya, eradicating the entire town of Tawarga, intentionally starving out the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, and the attack and dispersal of several refugee camps.

The UN also just wrote a fraudulent human rights report regarding the situation in Syria, comprised of opposition "witnesses" brought in to Geneva whose accounts were compiled by a Washington corporate think-tank director.

By claiming the UN holds any legitimacy when it so transparently serves the interests of global financier capital demeans and destroys all of the ideals they so disingenuously promote and commit their crimes in the name of. As "progressives" you are supposed to be the ones that think before speaking, research before trusting, yet you exhibit a naive trust in these oversized, overreaching institutions that would make a Nazi blush.

/cont'd So Somchai, thus


So Somchai, thus accused, looks inwards and wonders if what the pooyay said might in fact be right, perhaps Somchai is in fact anti-monarchist. He looks further in, and notes the iniquities that many people ascribe to the house on the hill. He loos at the fabulous wealth enjoyed by those in and around the house on the hill. He looks at the gold those in the house on the hill swathe themselves with. Then he looks at the people in the Isaan village where Somchai was born and where Somchai's family still lives - in corrugated iron shacks and eating rats, insects and generally low-nutritional-value foods, which are either free or cheap, while the Bangkok hi-so cheerfully pay 3,000 baht for a meal at their favourite hotel or mall. Many people just like Somchai do not have good roads that last more than 10 minutes because 40% of the revenue has been siphoned off in corrupt 'commissions' by those whom the people in the house on the hill and their followers have spawned. They have no reliable electricity, no reliable clean water, no reliable telephones, poor quality schools etc etc.So Somchai begins to think that he and those like him have been deliberately kept impoverished and uneducated. and perhaps that the buddhist approach of being happy with what you've got and not envying those who have more, might be a philosophy which those who promulgate it do not in fact live by themselves.

So Somchai wonders if in fact the pooyay might be right, and, on reflection, perhaps Somchai is in fact anti-monarchist. A state of mind which, because it has been generated internally and not imposed from the outside, does not need to be reinforced as often as the ubiquitous monarchist propaganda does, and is likely self-reinforcing. The seed has been sown. Better keep quiet about it of course, but the seed that has been sown flourishes. the Ta has been Sawaang'ed and will stay Sawung.


/cont'd And the pooyay


And the pooyay doesn't even know how stupid he has been for opening his big mouth, because, well, he's a pooyay. And a Thai of course.

Lets hope the millions of Somchais in Thailand have reason to think the New Year will bring them more cheer than the last 60-odd new years... lets hope they see the hysteria currently being generated as merely the self-serving actions of the privileged classes who quite like being the privileged classes. Lets hope that when 2013 dawns (if 2013 does dawn), 2012 has not given Postman yet more reasons to think that Thais are a bit dim to accept what they have accepted, just because they've been told to by someone they've been told to trust.

Prachatai is once again

Prachatai is once again censoring and deleting my comments - while it allows ad hominem off-topic comments in response. Shows how badly Prachatai is losing when real information and facts enter the debate.

Please see Noam Chomsky exposing NED - which funds Prachatai millions a year - as an absolute monied elite FRAUD.

PS OTOP is Thaksin trying to take credit for the King's self-sufficiency project which is detailed here....

Waaaahhhhh!!!! Sniff!

Waaaahhhhh!!!! Sniff! Sniff!
Tony - if censorship isn't to your liking, why do you support it so much? A guess is that it doesn't taste as good as you have said it should. Maybe what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Perhaps well-acquainted foreigners do know what they are talking about in regard to Article 112. I imagine, Tony, instead of posting those run-on bits, why not number them instead and just post #112, #8, #6 and so on and we will know what you mean.
I am not sure if or why Prachatai is censoring your material, but if it is happening, then why not look inward and ask yourself, "Is it ME, and not THEM" that I am an underling? Them not being Prachatai staff, but THEM being those whom you so admire and wish we would. Ain't gonna happen...probably even more so than your coming out and telling us, in an honorable, open and honest fashion, who you are and who is bankrolling you.
OTY kiddo... Happy New Year to all!

Another intellectually

Another intellectually degenerate comment FGA - it is not the censorship that bothers me - it is the immense hypocrisy of Prachatai - their deceit and contempt they hold their readership in, and the fact that they know they are willfully lying to their audience on a daily basis on behalf of the US National Endowment for Democracy - a documented corporate fascist, elitist organization that hides its agenda of rule by the elite behind benign ideals like freedom and democracy.

Please note the video clip of Noam Chomsky in 1993 on the NED's projects in Nicaragua: "It's about what you would expect from a bipartisan democracy campaign - it's an attempt to impose what is called democracy, meaning rule by the rich and the powerful, without interference by the mob but within the framework of formal electoral procedures."

NED is a fraud, Prachatai is a fraud, and FGA once again you expose how counter-progressive and devoid of principle you really are.

Finally I am "bankrolled" by honest work independent of my research. My work is truly, 100% independent - unlike Prachatai who is a confirmed fraud funded by the scum of humanity....

.... and a fraud you are a stalwart defender of.

and again FGA you make this

and again FGA you make this an issue about who I am intentionally to avoid dealing with the fact that Prachatai is willfully taking money from foreign genocidal corporate fascists. Your inability to address this properly exposes you and your agenda as incredibly compromised. It is not about my identity when I am simply pointing our documented, verified facts that stand on their own, regardless of who I am.

Or perhaps you care to illustrate just how my identity would matter in regards to Prachatai's foreign-funding and their continuous lying and deception regarding it and their real agenda?

In line with Harrison

In line with Harrison George's witticisms I wanted to add some thoughts of my own. Unfortunately I fell asleep ploughing through yet another set of diatribes from Tony. Why so many bother to respond to him beats me. "It's not as if the eyes of the working class are fixed on his every move." Personally I'm inclined to ignore him. He won't go away but at least if we all ignored him we wouldn't be subjected to quite as many troll posts.

Ah yes! Just remembered!

2) It is never necessary for real Thais to walk quickly. Thais should walk more slowly on narrow footpaths or when walking 3 or more abreast, and the speed of pedestrians should be in inverse proportion to the number of (pathetically un-Thai) people behind you trying to get past.

I'm developing a class analysis of the Thai stroll. It seems to me to be largely confined to those Bangkokians with more money and time than they know what to do with. I haven't noticed much ambling about from the grim faced market traders who are forced to scratch a daily living on the streets.

"Prachatai, on record, takes

"Prachatai, on record, takes millions of baht a year from the National Endowment for Democracy, Open Society, and USAID, all on record as frauds in their own right. Noam Chomsky calls NED's work, "an attempt to impose what is called democracy, meaning rule by the rich and the powerful, without interference by the mob but within the framework of formal electoral procedures." It is a rouse, gilded tyranny. "

Interesting that you quote Chomsky as being critical of NED, Tony

Perhaps you could also quote his views on lese majeste laws as expressed by his signing of a petition together with another 111 academics against these laws.

Perhaps you can explain why

Perhaps you can explain why Chomsky has flip flopped on all of his previous views and research - the research that made him renowned in the first place. If you want to be honest and are familiar with his work, you will note that he has made an ideological 180 from the views that gained him notoriety. He now "supports" many of NED's efforts even after documenting them as absolute frauds.

I will not defame or denounce Chomsky, because I have no idea what has caused him to betray the truth (threats?), I will agree with him when he is being honest, and disagree with him when he is being hypocritical. His comments on NED are verified facts that he himself has documented - and that YOU YOURSELF can document by simply doing a little research regarding its current Board of Directors....

Prachatai is an absolute fraud for taking money from these people - there is no defending it.

Even if one does not defend

Even if one does not defend taking funds from an organization doesn't mean that one can't see who the real fraud is. Time and again it is displayed in these comments. Now we have this truly bizarre response to add to the list of frauds, lies, tricks and sleights of hand to add to the bot-like responses that cut-and-paste thousands of times from previous comments. Fabulous stuff.

Yes, that's probably it,

Yes, that's probably it, Tony. Chomsky has betrayed the truth because of threats. He is being honest when what he says can be used by you and hypocritical when it can't be? You have a complete corner on what is true and right?

But if he's such a flip-flopper one wonders why you use him as an authority when apparently you knew about his total lack of integrity.

I don't think he's an authority on this matter. He's a big name for sure and I'm pleased that he speaks up for freedom in this and many other instances. I don't know anything about NED and I hope if it's a bad thing that people like Chomsky condemn it.

I just happen to believe that Thailand's lese majeste laws are an abuse of free speech. I don't need to invoke Chomsky, NED or anyone else to tell me that.

I know it in my guts. I know it because it casts an appalling shadow of lies, deceit, fear and hysteria over the land of Thailand where I happen to live and whose future I am concerned for.

Let me ask you this, Tony. When Chomsky signed the petition on lese majeste was he being

a) honest
c) a flip-flopper
d) a concerned person

Second question, Tony. Who's the hypocrite here?

Simple - Chomsky's research -

Simple - Chomsky's research - what has made him renowned in the first place - is based on documented evidence. His political activism now is based purely on rhetoric. I give the man credit for his lifetime of research and documentation regarding the hidden corruption and misdeeds done under the veil of global democracy promotion.

Read "Rouge State." Read his older work - show me where he erred - show me where his flip-flopping now is grounded in the same documented evidence as his earlier work - you can't. Again you are a bunch of intellectual cowards & deceivers who willfully cherry pick, twist, distort and divert the debate.

The National Endowment for Democracy is self-evidently a FRAUD. Prachatai knows full well who sits on the board of directors, their enumerated list of crimes against humanity and the fact that they are entirely disingenuous about their goal of "Supporting Freedom." Yet they still take millions of baht from the every year and disingenuously peddle their fraudulent agenda without flinching.

I have a "corner" on the truth, because there is only ONE TRUTH and it is verified and documented. Please explain how taking money from people like Vin Weber Francis Fukuyama and Zalmay Khalilzad and pretending to be "progressive' doesn't make you an absolute fraud?

3) Any Thai product, from

3) Any Thai product, from bread to housing, can be improved by bright pastel colours. Coloured fluorescent lights will similarly enhance any Thai occasion, from fun fairs to funerals, especially if they blink.

I'm waiting for the first street vendor to sell brightly coloured sushi that twinkles, as well as glow in the dark.

Happy New Year.