Kan Thoop to report to police on 11 Feb

Kan Thoop will report to police on lèse majesté charges on Saturday 11 Feb, after having postponed twice since late last year due to the floods and university exams.

The 19-year-old first year Thammasat student was accused of lèse majesté for comments she posted on Facebook in March and April 2010, when she was a minor.

In 2010, her applications for admission to Silpakorn University and Srinakharinwirot University were rejected, both for the same reason - that she was not loyal to the monarchy.  She decided not to show up for an interview at Kasetsat University due to declared physical threats by some internet users.

Finally, she was accepted by Thammasat University in 2011 to study in the Faculty of Social Administration. This created outrage and resentment among royalists. Threats of violence against her are still being made by royalists and some Thammasat students.

She was summoned by Bangkok’s Bang Khen police on 25 Oct 2011, but she has postponed the reporting to 11 Feb.

On that day, at 9am, before reporting to the police, Kan Thoop and a group of Thammasat students will go to pay respect to the People’s Party’s spirit at Lak Si Circle Monument, which marks its triumph over the royalist Boworadej Rebellion which aimed to bring Thailand back under an absolute monarchy.  And then at 10am, she will report to Bang Khen police station.