No lèse majesté talk at Mahasarakham University

A group of students and alumni of Mahasarakham University has been refused permission to use a room in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts to hold a public forum to discuss Article 112 of the Criminal Code.

Opas Sinthukhot, representative of the group, told Prachatai that after his group’s request to use a room at the College of Politics and Governance had been refused, they had turned to the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts and rescheduled the date to 8 Feb.

However, the Faculty has also refused permission.  Assoc Prof Pheeraphong Sensai, Dean of the Faculty, issued a statement saying that, in consideration of the current news of social reaction to the ‘proposed repeal of Article 112 of the Criminal Code,’ the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts is of the opinion that ‘such a move’ would possibly create several repercussions, so it was announcing a prohibition against any use of its facilities, inside or outside its buildings, for holding activities, starting from 3 Feb, except for those permitted by the Faculty Dean.


A faculty of stooges.

A faculty of stooges. Teaching their students not to keep their heads down and their mouths shut. Is Mahasarakham University a military academy?

PPT comments on the faculty at Mahasarakham University and at Khon Kaen, A tale of two (112) cities.

Higher education in Thailand is disgraceful.

I hope the students can see that a radical restructuring of the Thai government and all its organs is what's required here, and that they are the only ones who can do it.

It's not a matter of freedom

It's not a matter of freedom of speech or "higher education" - it is a matter of Nitirat misrepresenting who they are, who they really work for, and what their real agenda is. For anyone that knows or suspects the truth behind Nitirat - they would be very wise to turn them away from speaking venues and do everything in their power to expose this fraud.

No idea what the fraud is,

No idea what the fraud is, except that the conspiricist thinks Nitirat are funded by Thaksin. No evidence of course, just a fabrication on his part.

Isn't it odd that TC wants to censor those he sees as frauds, but when others suggest that he, as an exposed fraud, be censored, he squeals like a stuck pig.

No evidence? What do you call

No evidence? What do you call the whole Nitirat crowd being bused-in red shirts surrounding Thaksin's paid lobbyist Robert Amsterdam sitting in the front row of Nitirat's conference? And for those lucky enough to get DNN - Thaksin's 24/7 self-worship/cult of personality propaganda channel - all they talk about is Nitirat and 112. You are the conspiracy theorist that suggests this is a simple "convergence." Yes, as much so as McDonalds is simply a convergence of middle managers, minimum wage earners, sub-standard beef, and Happy Meals.

It is funny that for years people said this was Thaksin's goal all along - so obvious to begin with - but now that it is manifesting itself in the same oafish hamfisted manner as all of Thaksin & Co's plots, we have the same familiar apologists denying it until the last possible, plausible moment - just like denials of UDD militants murdering people during the 2010 insurgency, which is now a matter of record no matter WHAT source you reference (except Robert Amsterdam of course).

I don't want to censor anyone FGA - I have said that on many occasions, however, Nitirat is a clear fraud, working in tandem with UDD, accepting support and resources from the same foreign-sponsors behind the pro-UDD Prachatai propaganda front, while pretending to be independent. This has been proven with documented evidence - provided by Prachatai itself. If I was telling people to drink cleaning fluid claiming it was lemonade, would I be protected by "freedom of speech?" No, clearly, not. And those selling freedom, democracy, and human rights when in fact peddling an agenda of corporate fascism for foreign sponsors are likewise frauds and not protected.

No one has proven me to be anything - they have conjured up wild conspiracy theories, including you yourself FGA, but not a single fact has been presented against my argument, or against me personally. UDD, Thaksin, Prachatai, and now Nitirat are another story entirely...

Yes, apologies Tony, I

Yes, apologies Tony, I thought you meant real verifiable evidence rather than assumptions, fabrications and guesses.