Tul on why he opposes changes to Article 112

Dr Tul Sitthisomwong, leader of royalist multi-coloured group, explained his opposition against proposed amendments to the lese majeste law or Article 112 of the Criminal Code at an event held by the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand on 16 Feb.




Any chance of getting the

Any chance of getting the same thing for Thongchai earlier that week?

I didn't even last through

I didn't even last through the first reel. If anyone else can bear to watch this guy for the duration and discovers that he's actually said something "new!" and "improved"... please let us all know.

I'd read it quickly in print... maybe... but real time is too obviously a waste of mine.

TV was actually a step backward for communications.

Why does Tul think that

Why does Tul think that farang are completely ignorant of the royal history? Read any book about Thailand and you'll get this basic information. I am glad that I missed this event at the FCCT -- what a waste of time! Yet another boring speaker going on and on, and completely off target.

Don't use the word "farang,"

Don't use the word "farang," it's not nice.

It's common Thai think that foreigners are ignorant on Thailand. Well, most are in terms of touristry. But the ex-pats are often better informed than most Thais. Having read books not sold in Thailand like The King Never Smiles or Thailand Unhinged, foreigners also often have a much more realistic understanding of the monarchy.

But it's just a racism thing. The easiest way to counter something that you cannot intellectually compete with is just to denote something as ignorant or ill informed. By saying foreigners are stupid, Sondhi suddenly becomes always right.

In truth, what most Thais know about the monarchy is an incredibly biased story that you're forbidden to question, and it's taught accompanied by little cartoon pictures, like a childrens book. They're taught it in primary school, and it only takes a few hours to get through the entire load, if you take the pointless exercises out. If open debate about the monarchy was legal in Thailand, by gods damned, foreigners or foreign educated academics would give it to them...

Glad to see comments here.

Glad to see comments here. This guy is more than appalling to me. He is obnoxious. He is also one of the great examples of the product of failed Thai education, crooked politics, and off-balanced social structure.

Awful isn't it? The reason is

Awful isn't it?

The reason is to be found here: http://asiancorrespondent.com/author/siamvoices/

With components also to be found elsewhere.

Government response - nil. At least *that* was predictable.


Is anyone really going to criticise me again for saying Thais are dumb? Because the combination of the idiotic Tul and the ridiculous level of achievement in Thai schools are pretty powerful arguments in support.

This is the real problem with Thai society, and it explains pretty much everything from the AIDS infection rate to the fawning and simpering attitudes to the palace. And all points in between.

And this after 60-odd years of devoted service to [his treasury - redacted] oops, to the Thai people.

I saw someone write a few years ago that the only real answer to Thailands problems is the Rohingya solution. Put as many Thais as possible in boats, tow them far out to sea somewhere and scuttle the boats. Start again.

Because putting this lot right is just all too hard.


Sorry if this is a bit harsh guys - feeling a little grumpy this morning. Anyone else think this is so important that Prachatai should have picked it up?

PPT has in interesting (and

PPT has in interesting (and entertaining) take on Tul at: http://thaipoliticalprisoners.wordpress.com/ today.

The assembled throng of Tul and his supporters apparently moved noisily in on Parliament. All 30 of them.

What an absolute joke. Any normal person would be screaming in pain at the embarrassment. But not Tul.

I have more than 30 golf-playing friends in Thailand - I wonder if they would be covered in the Thai newspapers if they descended on parliament to demand more loyal support of the palace among golfers or something...

Talk about boxing above his weight... and he's a doctor? A doctor of what? Must hand out Thai PhD's or MD's in packets of Corn Flakes over there...

I attended this event but

I attended this event but despite my best endeavours, I am afraid I didn't last the course either.

This talk was almost unreal. It is as if he believes that the Monarchy in 1932 were keen to abandon "absolute monarchy", really? Rather than the fact that the institution, as little reformed as it is, has dragged itself (been dragged?) into the 21st Century.

Incredulously, he talked about Khun Pridipanomyong in terms of being the villain, rather than the hero!

The reason this man is so dangerous for Thailand is that he and his ilk leave no room for progressive change for the majority.

In one way, it epitomizes the frustration that people have for Thailand - loving her and despairing of her at the same time.

The fact that an educated man can promulgate such twaddle does not lessen the risk to reform in Thailand - it increases it by giving it a sense of legitimacy.

I left the meeting speechless :-(

He answered none of the

He answered none of the questions. In fact, he completely ignored them.

But he did say this "if you look at the names of these 400 people [those accused], you will see what is colour, what is group."

True enough.