Lèse majesté leading campaigner physically assaulted

29 February 2012: Worajet Pakirat, lecturer in Public Law at Thammasat University and founding member of the Nitirat Group, which demands reform of the repressive lèse majesté law in Thailand, was punched in his face by two men at the Tha Phra Chan Campus of Thammasat University in Bangkok today.

According to Mr, Thanaphon Ewsakun, Editor of “Fah Deaw Kan”, who was present during the incident, the perpetrators were two men riding on motorcycle. They had been scouting the spot for several days waiting for the right time to attack the lecturer.

Mr. Worajet was punched several times in his face until he bled and broke his eyeglasses.

They fled from the scene riding their motorcycle.

The lecturer had gone for medical treatment and checkup at Thonburi Hospital.

In a twitter message from Sombat Boonngamanong, a Red Shirt core leader (@nuling), “the two culprits came by the motorcycle with license plate Mor Thor 684. They waited and then punched Mr. Woraject from the Nitirat Group”