Chiranuch's letter prior to the verdict

30th April 2012

Dear All,

I  write to you to share my thoughts before the verdict will be read in the next 7 hours. Although I still don't know any answer for my life, I wish we can win the case but I should prepare for unexpected results too. Many of you asked how do I feel as the verdict is approaching. Honestly, there were mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'm glad that I'm able to get some guide of my future, it might be better than never known.

On the other hand, I could not say I'm not frightened, even though there is just little chance of getting a strong penalty and being not granted bail when I appeal.  Then I keep asking myself what I might do in case the result come out this way. An answer which is clear and strong in my mind is to "write to you"

I'm not good in saying about my feeling and I cannot have any words to describe the state of my mind and my body. It is completely new experience that I wish I can share with you as a lesson of life in the future.

3 years is quite long for being with the accusations but because of your efforts and supports that have helped me walk through this fate without discouragement. There are many people who do things in their own capacity.

I just want to send my thoughts and thanks to all of you for being along with me in this journey. And yes! this is just some distance we can make, it still has a long way to walk and yes ! I wll keep walking on this trail. :)


Chiranuch (Jiew)

I started writing this email at 3 AM and felt asleep and woke up to continue at 6.30 AM. Now it's about in next 3 hours I will no my destiny.

                                               Walking in a cloud
                                               Clowning the cloudy
                                               Sweeping away the darkness.
                                               Keeping smile to the absurd world
                                               Determine my destiny.
                                               Distance looks unmeasurable.
                                               Don't know how far to reach there
                                               Then I decided to...
                                               Accomodate the joys and pains
                                               Celebrate the destiny of freedom.


You were up almost the same

You were up almost the same time. On the basis of lack of merit no question case should be dropped. On basis on blind injustice, ignorance, prejudice and overall lack of moral development in the country, chances are maybe 55/45 in favor of acquittal.

I'm wishing you good luck and

I'm wishing you good luck and strength to pass this experience. We are with you.

Chiranuch behind bars … for

Chiranuch behind bars … for good?

That's what I was thinking this morning, Chiranuch. Now I read at PPT that they've blinked. They've dropped the ball. They're gonna keep you hanging ... because that's the pusillanimous, petty sort of small people the 'big people' are. But they've blinked. I think they've finally been asked the question : "Have you no decency, madams and sirs?" one too many times. Of course they think of themselves as decent people, so they're going to pretend ... for that's all they ever do ... that they have.

See brief transedit and

See brief transedit and editorial at
Also note the following: "Thai police laid nine new charges against Chiranuch resulting from the information she herself gave them after her arrest." This was one reason when police "invited" me to Bangkok the first time to acknowledge allegations by Akbar Khan and his colleague Col. Wattanasuck, I told them rather than giving them ammunition, such as that used against Chiranuch, I denied all charges, period. The fact that these cases are even brought up is a shameful aspect of Thai society that Sonthi Limthongkul has called, if I may, "hia." Before these lese majeste farces I never criticized Thailand. Now I have come to conclude that it is now compliments that are undeserved.

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Frank ... this is a joke, right?

All my best wishes. I love

All my best wishes. I love your work and everything you've done for Thailand. The best of luck for you.