Court postpones verdict for Chiranuch to 30 May

On 30 April, the Criminal Court in Bangkok postponed its verdict in the case of Prachatai Director Chiranuch Premchaiporn to 30 May, citing that the case had a lot of documents.  

Many observers were present at the court, including representatives from the European Union and other embassies, and from various organizations such as Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, Google, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), Front Line Defenders, Amnesty International Thailand (AI), Malaysiakini, SEACAM , Bytes for All (Pakistan), ilaw, FACT, Thai Netizen, Network of Human Rights Lawyers, etc.

Asian Correspondent offered an update on the event on its website.

Before the court announced the postponement, Theeraphan Phankhiri, Chiranuch’s lawyer, told reporters that this case was not only important for his client, but also for other web service providers, as this would set a precedent as to how ‘intermediaries’ should be held responsible.  To punish Chiranuch as a web service provider would force others to set a number of rules for internet users in posting their comments, resulting in censorship of opinions.  Internet users would instead turn to websites hosted abroad, and ultimately the Computer Crimes Act would become futile, he said.

In other countries, the authorities would issue warnings to web service providers with clear deadlines for them to act, he said.  

Chiranuch said after learning about the postponement that she was optimistic.

‘The court probably needs more time to read all documents in detail, so decided to put it off,’ she said.


Chiranuch said after learning

Chiranuch said after learning about the postponement that she was optimistic.

You're an example of steadfastness and forbearance to us all, Chiranuch. Since you decided to...

Accomodate the joys and pains
Celebrate the destiny of freedom.

I hope on balance today holds more joy than pain, and so is a cause for celebration.
Sounds like it is. You're optimistic :)

I'm just happy you're not in prison. What the hell would we all do then?

We just canceled our planned

We just canceled our planned three week trip to Thailand because of these disgusting lese majeste laws. Freedom of speech is a joke in Thailand and we will not support a country like this while these court cases keep happening. It's making Thailand look very, very bad all over the world. In fact, so bad, none of our friends will travel there any longer. We decided to stay in Europe instead and are going to the UK - we would rather spend our money there than in a fascist country like Thailand.

Seems like a lot of people

Seems like a lot of people ought to be doing this.

Setting aside the political correctness or otherwise (our resident thought policeman John Francis Lee will break wind about this soon I'm sure), any neuroscientist will tell you that lower IQ values in a population (Thailands mean IQ is 87 - that's *very* low for a population which aspires to transcend the 3rd world), the more powerful and difficult to overcome are the unconscious responses (usually beliefs, values and instinctive responses inculcated during childhood when the Thai blanket propaganda is most effective.

So Thais, with their very low mean IQ, are very prone to just reacting rather than thinking and reacting. This in turn means that they are most easily affected by actions designed to elicit an unconscious response rather than appealing to their fundamentally weak intellect by means of reasoning - they're just not very good at the reasoning thing. A kick in the bollocks works very well -a Thai keeps his bollocks bollocks in his pockets due to his disablingly obsessive love of money, so hitting the hip-pocket nerve is very painful for them.

The other very effective strategy with Thais, is to shun and reject them. Like most herd animals (dogs, horses etc), they instinctively feel very insecure, vulnerable and uneasy when shunned and rejected. Proof of the point is to look and see how many adolescent Thais (the adolescent age is important) can walk down a Bangkok street on their own. Very few, and those that do are highly likely to be in contact with one of their herd by mobile telephone (fuhrer-kontakt). They feel insecure on their own, and need to re-establish their place in the herd after only brief period on their own - its a psychological consequence of the incessant propaganda about uniformity and 'Thai-ness' and 'loving each other' and other thongs that the Thai amartya are inclined to blurt out while themselves doing precisely whatever suits their own bank balance best - Prem is especially good at this kind of nonsense, as well as the other bloke of course, who is the ultimate expert in pontification.

So. I hope there are more like you who will do both, expressing a disgust and disapproval of the fascist Thai amartya and hurting them financially. Double whammy. They really do hate it when you take their money *and* their self-esteem away. Eventually, they will learn how to sit when someone says sit.