Amphon’s first and last letter to his lawyer

Amphon Tangnoppakul sent a letter to his lawyer Anon Nampha from Bangkok Remand Prison on 11 April.  The letter was published on the lawyer’s Rassadornprasong Law Office website on 1 May.

11 April 2012

Dear Mr Anon

First of all, I have to apologize for never having written to you before, because I’m not good at writing, not quite knowing what to think and with poor eyesight, so I’ve not been keen on writing.  To my grandchildren, I’ve rarely written to them, although I’m missing them so much.  That may be because Khun Num [Thanthawut Thaweewarodomkul] has taken over this duty from me.  He has always written to my grandchildren, telling them about me, so I’ve not had to write to them myself. What Khun Num has written would be the same as what I’d write myself.

I’m now well, particularly during this time when I know that Khun Anon will seek a royal pardon for all 11 individuals convicted under Section 112.  I’m glad and very hopeful to be given freedom soon, together with other friends who together have endured and struggled. And I believe that this is the best option, because my kind of case has no way of ever being granted an amnesty like others. Now I take exercise every morning.  Sometimes I do it alone, but sometimes I do it with Khun Num. As for our living, we [lese majeste convicts and defendants] eat together in Zone 8.  We enjoy our company all right, which includes Num, Mee [Suriyan Kokpuey] and other fellows who admire the red shirts.  We have taken care of each other, so Khun Anon does not need to worry.  So far, I have to admit that I’ve been very tired, of staying alive, of fighting for justice for myself and family.  I’ve been desperate many times, missing my wife, children and grandchildren.  It’s only been Khun Num who has always kept my batteries charged. He’s always complained that I’m an exhausted battery, which has to keep being recharged.  I feel for him, but I’m really downhearted.  Each day I wait for Oo [his wife Rosmalin] to come visit me.  Sometimes, she brought my grandchildren along, and that made me smile.  That was happiness which I have been able to find so far.

Khun Anon, don’t worry about me.  I will try to endure and fight on, only hoping that Khun Anon and the Yingluck government will push for our royal pardon so that I can go back to stay with my wife, children and grandchildren.  Frankly, I want to say that I’m now missing my grandchildren the most.  Whenever I wrote to them, I had to cry, so I don’t want to write to them.

Khun Anon, please thank on my behalf the people who have come to visit me and other convicts under Section 112.  I really hope that I will hear good news soon.

Thank you so much

Amphon Tangnoppakul


"I have to admit that I’ve

"I have to admit that I’ve been very tired, of staying alive, of fighting for justice for myself and family."
Truly an eloquent statement of the consequences of a faked justice system and pretentious, stratified society.
It is doubtful that a Thai doctor will ever correlate part of the cause of Ah Kong's sad death with being a broken soul, but this is what Thai society and culture does to those who cross the line in a search for freedom and justice. Destroy the spirit, even the will to live, so as to preserve fiction and affliction.
A terrible sin has been committed here by haughty people grossly unqualified to call themselves Buddhist.
The soul grows tired indeed...

"A terrible sin has been

"A terrible sin has been committed here by haughty people grossly unqualified to call themselves Buddhist."

Sorry Frank - not buying it. Amphon sent death threats at a UDD rally he himself admitted he attended. He denies sending the death threats but can't explain who did with his phone. He never reported it stolen did he?

So the question is, why are you attempting to pose this an issue of "freedom and justice?" Where are you "free" to make vicious death threats against ANYONE let alone a head of state and not go to jail for it?

What about the UDD leaders who purposefully incited impressionable people like Amphon to make such death threats and commit acts of violence - knowing full well what they all faced as a consequence - and fully prepared to leverage the predictable consequences to advance their self-serving political agenda? Hmmm, no condemnation for that?

That's why your pedantic rants are as shallow as they are narrow - you are so transparent in your condemnation of a political system you clearly are attacking, and dismiss entirely crimes equal to or greater carried out by those you are tacitly supporting. Worst of all, when the UDD shamelessly throws its own members under the bus, you join them in playing political football with their tragedies.

Shame on you.

Tony is the perfect example

Tony is the perfect example of a royalist with no moral fibre, who resorts to fabricating "facts" about good people in order to make the demons in his heart seem less wicked. Ampon's death has taken another bite out of Tony's black heart. Poor Tony.

Shame on you Tony for lying

Shame on you Tony for lying and fabricating extremist propaganda and repeating the nonsense concocted by a politicized judiciary. I have shown again and again that you peddle fabrications. You are a disgrace.

Akong sent death threats -

Akong sent death threats - this according to pro-Thaksin, pro-UDD propagandist Andrew Marshall - who has made a living making juvenile insults directed at Thailand's institutions, in tandem with the most wretched amongst your camp.

You are calling the contents of Akong's SMS's "extremist propaganda?" Or noting that saying "you're all going to die!" is a death threat - is somehow "extremist propaganda?"

Or noting that which ever law you try to cite in America's legal system, Akong still would have went to jail for YEARS for sending his threatening communication? Or noting the hypocrisy of the UDD wailing about "free speech" then chasing an actress out of town for exercising her free speech?

The UDD, and its US State Department supporters here at Prachatai, and the rest of you hand wringers, are exposed as the crassest of hypocrites.

It is wrong for ANYONE to make death threats. PAD or UDD. They all need to go to jail when they promote violence n general, or violence of any kind toward an individual. I fully agree Akong and Somyos should not have been jailed over LM - but rather threats of violence and death, and in Somyos' case, treason and insurrection as well.

I am willing to criticize Thailand's laws - but I am not going to pick sides and excuse criminal behavior of any kind. When PAD chased PPP MP's at the parliament, I said they should go to jail - and so should anyone that specifically egged them on to do so.

For you hand wringers that call PAD terrorists for closing an airport, but excuse UDD for murdering troops - as even HRW has admitted they fielded armed militants - you yourself have cost you your own credibility.

Tony, you are lucky you are

Tony, you are lucky you are only an elusive online journalist.

If you are a celebrity like actress Tuck Bongkot, who also criticized A Kong harshly, you will find that the lady vendor in your soi will refuse to serve you your favourite rice chicken and iced coffee.

Akong sent death threats - a

Akong sent death threats - a crime in any country. If people are harassing people who point this out - it proves just how unreasonable and incapable of "democracy" the UDD is.

Telling that you approve of harassing people over their free speech over what you claim was a violation of another's - what astounding hypocrisy!

Ironically, however, it is vendors in my area sporting "red" that get avoided, not the other way around. We've had 2-3 either leave or stop wearing their "colors." I don't live on Sukhumwit like most of the hypocritical intellectual slobs that comment on here either - I live amongst factories and housing projects and very hard working people.

While I'd call this a "red area," it is clear that the vast majority are disinterested in politics of ANY color, and prefer the stability required for them to run their small businesses on a daily basis. This is how the VAST MAJORITY in Thailand feel - and stunts of intimidation and violence by the UDD from its inception to their latest act of harassment and thuggery is why they've lost, not gained any support - and why no matter how much support they may or may not have, they lack ANY legitimacy.

Wonderful stuff. Now TC is

Wonderful stuff. Now TC is not just a spokesperson for yellow shirt ultra-royalists but also for red shirts! Demented and pompous nonsense. And not only that, he knows where we all live! And, a demonstrated fabricator, propagandist, lying slob has the audacity to refer to intellectual capacity of others in derogatory terms.

You do live in a remarkably miniscule bubble. Are we the only ones who talk with you?

First of all - the topic is

First of all - the topic is Akong - his "free speech" turning out to be death threats deemed a criminal, punishable offense in any nation.

But since you're interested, the vast majority of Thais want stability. They want stability so they can run their small businesses, educate their children, and enjoy their lives. They can't do that with mobs of thugs on the streets disrupting everyone's lives at every opportunity they get.

Last by-election, there were PT trucks full of red shirts trying to wave to people on the side walks working - no body waved back, some people were muttering under their breath. They've overstayed their welcome - made lofty impossible promises and have made good on none of them. When the Democrats said - and the Democrats are not popular here either - that the UDD would do exactly this upon coming into power, people now realize this was the truth.

Hey, I'm just saying. I don't know where you live Albert - maybe everyone claps and sings and cries "heil Thaksin." Maybe they line up for miles to get into a Thaksin phone-in moderated by Thida - who then claims she and Thaksin have nothing to do with one another. But not here -and here are real working people - factory workers and small business owners - not middle class or "Amart."

Tony: You are confusing

Tony: You are confusing yourself by reading your own swill and thinking it is fact rather than lying nonsense.

The topic is quite different.

And, I am not interested in anything you say. You are a pathological liar. All I do is point this out by showing the lies.

TC says: "First of all - the

TC says: "First of all - the topic is Akong - his "free speech" turning out to be death threats deemed a criminal, punishable offense in any nation."

No, it isn't. You have confused the topic with your lies and fabrications.

The topic is a letter from a sick, dying, old man to his lawyer.