Court acquits two red shirts in Central World arson case

On 25 March, South Bangkok Criminal Court acquitted Saichon Phaebua and Phinit Channarong in the case of the Central World arson in 2010, citing benefit of the doubt.

The court, however, sentenced Saichon to one year in prison for violating the Emergency Decree, but reduced the term to 9 months due to his cooperation during investigation. 

In December 2011, Phinit had already been sentenced to 6 months in prison for violating the Emergency Decree.

As Phinit and Saichon have been detained without bail since their arrests on 19 May and 7 June 2010, respectively, both of them are expected to be released from Lak Si prison late in the afternoon.

Two juvenile defendants in the same case were acquitted by the Central Juvenile and Family Court on 12 Dec 2012.