CD seller convicted for lèse majesté

On 28 March, the Criminal Court sentenced Ekkachai Hongkangwan to 5 years in prison for selling CDs containing an Australian television documentary and copies of WikiLeaks documents, but reduced the prison term by one third to 3 years and 4 months due to his useful testimony during trial.

The court also fined him 100,000 baht for selling CDs without a license, and the fine was reduced to 66,666 baht.
His lawyers and his father applied for his bail, and expected to hear the result by this evening.
The police arrested Ekkachai, 35, at Sanam Luang on 10 March 2011 after enticing him to sell a CD for 20 baht, and seized over 100 CDs, a CD burner and 10 copies of WikiLeaks materials.  He was later released by the court on 500,000 baht bail.