Fabio Polenghi’s last photos on exhibition

Some of the last photographs taken by photo-journalist Fabio Polenghi, who was shot and killed on 19 May 2010 in Bangkok during the government crackdown on red-shirt protests, have been put on exhibition by his sister.  The court will deliver its verdict on the inquest into his death on 29 May. 

On 18 May, Elisabetta Polenghi opened an exhibition of her brother’s photographs at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand.

Elisabetta Polenghi at the exhibition

This is to commemorate the last moments of Fabio’s life and his goodwill towards his fellow humans and justice through the photographs he had taken telling stories amidst conflicts, she said.

In addition to those of the violent incidents in Thailand in 2010, photographs about communities in Brazil and refugees in Myanmar were also shown.

Elisabetta said that it had taken her about a year to collect over 500 of Fabio’s photos and about another 4 months to select 30 to be shown on the exhibition. 

Fabio’s last photo from his computer, taken on 18 May 2010.

She said that choosing the photos for exhibition was very difficult because it was like living his life and understanding his last moments before he was shot, as she had not been with him at that moment.

The South Bangkok Criminal Court has been conducting an inquest into Fabio’s death for over a year, and is expected to deliver its verdict at the end of this month.

From the trial and evidence, it can be said that the bullets that killed her brother came from the direction of military troops, she said.  She believed that the court would make the right decision.

She said that the Thai justice system was quicker than she had thought.  Initially, she believed that her brother’s case might never reach the courts at all.

Although it was hard for her to take each step on the way, she did not expect or wish the killers to be executed or punished.  She just wanted the truth to come out, she said. 

The exhibition will be on display at the FCCT in Ploenchit, Bangkok, until 30 May. 

Fabio’s camera was stolen by an unidentified man right after he was shot.  See Who is this man?

Source: http://www.prachatai.com/journal/2013/05/46786