Breaking: Pro-govt Red-shirt calls off rally at Rajamangala Stadium

The red shirt leaders announced to end their pro-government rally at Rajamangala stadium this morning, after violent shooting and clashes between the anti-government groups and the red shirt caused at least two deaths and ten injured.  
Red shirt leader Nattawut Saikua announced on stage that in order to avoid further violence, the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) have decided to called off the rally. He said the police and the UDD guards would assist in sending red shirts, about 70,000 at the stadium, back home. 
Nattawut said that the red shirt ended the rally so that the government did not have to worry about violence against the government supporters, and could fully handle the situation of anti-government protests, whose plan is to seize major government ministries, Police headquarter and parliament house on Sunday. 
“This rally has already achieved its goal in protecting democracy and election. We have also assessed the incidents last night and concluded that they were systematic provocation to create violence,” said Nattawut. 
The shooting which occurred in Saturday evening on Ramkhamhaeng Rd. near the stadium and Ramkhamhaeng University came after hours-long confrontation in the afternoon. Local reports said the anti-government group in hundreds attacked some red shirt protesters commuting to join the rally at the stadium.