Inquest rulings on the April-May 2010 political violence

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Accountability for the political violence in April and May 2010, which cost 94 lives and injured over 2,000 people, is still incomplete even after full four years have passed. 
In early March, the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Suthep Thaugsuban after he failed to show up to hear the Attorney General’s indictment on charges of ordering the 2010 military crackdown and premeditated murder. 
The then Deputy Prime Minister and current anti-government protest leader, Suthep was indicted as an accomplice of former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. Meanwhile, Abhisit said he could never apologise for what happened because all the facts have not yet been fully revealed.
So far, the courts have read inquests on 29 deaths. Of those, 17 were ruled by the court to have been caused by bullets coming from the direction of the army. However, the inquests did not specify individual army officers. 
The Attorney General has already handed out indictments in the cases of Phan Khamgong, a taxi driver, 16-year-old Khunakorn Srisuwa (Isa), Samorn Maithong, a van driver who was heavily injured, and also the six who were killed in Wat Pathumwanaram. 
Inquests in six cases are in the process of being heard, including the Japanese Reuters cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto. Another four cases are under police investigation. 
Correction: A number of death toll has been corrected to be according to the People's Information Centre's statistics