True Visions bans 14 international news broadcasts in fear of violating NCPO's orders.

Suksit Cholasuk, marketing director of True Visions, one of the largest cable TV providers in Thailand, said that it needs the customers to understand that True Visions needs to stop providing the 14 international news channels because it is unable to censor contents, including reports on situations in Thailand, news tickers, and interviews with analysts, which may violate orders issued by the National Council for Peace and Order.
The major international news broadcasts banned include CNN, CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg, CCTV, Phoenix news. True visions has informed this broadcast about this inevitable need.
As for Thai TV 3, it is still available. It is now waiting for the administrative court to grant an urgent injunction. The inquiry was made on 23rd May and Thai TV 3 will be available until the court announce its decision.