Chiang Rai Martial Court summons anti-coup protesters to hear charges

The Military Court in northern Chiang Rai province has summoned seven anti-junta protesters to report at 9.30 am on Tuesday, June 10, reportedly to acknowledge charges of participating in a public assembly of more than five people. 
The seven protesters were arrested on Sunday May 25 at McDonald’s Chiang Rai Central Plaza branch. They held a symbolic protest against the military similar to the event held in Bangkok at McDonald’s Ratchaprasong branch. The event in Bangkok ceased around noon, but the Chiang Rai protesters organized the activity twice, once at noon, and again in the evening. The noon and evening gatherings both ended when military and police officers came to arrest protesters. 
The protesters gathered at the fast food restaurant, wore masks with ‘X’ and showed anti-coup placards. About 30 minutes, later the military and police officers were deployed to the McDonald’s, forcing the protesters to stop the activity. 
The seven protesters were detained without charge for seven days at Mengrai Maharaj military camp. They were later detained at Chiang Rai police station and Chiang Rai Remand Prison for about two days before they were bailed out on June 2. 
Among them are Songsri Komkham, member of the Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization, Songtham Kid-arn, local red-shirt leader, and Sureerat Buathong, leader of the Mae Lao Love Democracy. 
They are facing a jail term of up to one year and a fine of up to 20,000 baht. 
Meanwhile, the military on Wednesday raided the house of Jirachote Ounna, leader of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship Chiang Rai 2009, arrested him and detained him at Mengrai Maharaj camp, according to ASTV-Manager Online. 
Several other red-shirt local leaders have been detained at the same camp, according to reports.