Military summons Khon Kaen student activists, forces them to sign agreement to stop political activities

The military on Friday summoned student activists from Khon Kaen University, in northeastern Khon Kaen Province, to have them sign an agreement to stop anti-coup activities. 
In the North East, the junta has kept a close watch on universities, such as Maha Sarakham and Ubon Ratchathani. The military earlier summoned academics and student activists, and deployed troops on campus. 
In the latest development at Khon Kaen University on Friday, five leading members of the Dao Din group, which has been very active on the issue of elections, human rights, and local community rights, reported to the military at the 23rd Military Circle at Sri Patcharin Camp.
The talks between the military and the student activists first began in the presence of university lecturers and human rights activists. The military expressed concerns about the group’s symbolic activities against the coup and asked the students to stop all activities. They were also asked if they were against the coup and why. 
The military later asked the others to leave and “asked” the students to sign a paper, admitting that their past anti-coup activities violated the military junta’s orders and agreeing to stop political activities. 
The military also asked the students to stop mobilising anti-mine activities in Ban Na Nong Bong village, Wang Sapung district, Loei Province, where the villagers face threats and intimidation for opposing a mine. The students insisted that they will continue to support the villagers.
In the end, the military told the five members to have the other four members of the group report to the military in order to “talk” and sign “agreements”.
Dao Din protests in March against Constitutional Court's ruling to nullify the general election