Nitirat academic Sawatree released from military camp

The military has released Sawatree Suksri, law academic from Thammasat University and member of Nitirat group, from detention around 10pm of Monday. 

The military escorted her home after a full-day interogation at the Army Club at Thevet since Monday morning. She was detained at a military camp in eastern Prachinburi province for two nights.

The military did not press any charge against her, according to a source. 

Sawatree was arrested at Bangkok international Suvarnabhumi Airport on Saturday afternoon after she travelled back from the United States, on a study trip on human rights, funded by US Department of States.

She travelled to the US before the coup took place on May 22 and planned to report to the military after her return. Sawatree had already informed the University about her intention to report to the military on Monday, June 9. 
Sawatree was on the May 23 summons list together with Assoc. Prof. Worachet Pakeerut, also a member of the Nitirat group, and Dr. Somsak Jeamteerasakul, a history lecturer from Thammasat University known for his criticism of the monarchy and lèse majesté law.
Worachet and Somsak have not reported themselves to the military.
Nitirat is a group of seven law scholars from Thammasat University. In the past, the group has proposed an amendment of the lèse majesté law in line with human rights principles as well as a draft amnesty bill for political prisoners.