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Netiwit: An exotic love letter to General Prayuth and the National Council for Peace and Order

An exotic love letter from Netiwit Chotipatpaisal to the coup makers 
June 5, 2014
An exotic love letter to General Prayuth and the National Council for Peace and Order
Dear General Prayuth Chan-ocha and the Council 
I am a Thai student who is now studying in India and I am just an ordinary boy, not important.  But for me, unknowing you is impossible. Even though I am not living in Thailand, your reputation is well-known.
There is nothing much that I would like to say. It would be an honour if you devoted time to reading this letter. Well, I intend to confess and propose some suggestions of mine.
First, I would like to say that I am displeased to hear that the army took power in a coup. Even now I still disagree so I have commented on the coup and NCPO on my Facebook page (please do not close my Facebook account) which is quite intense. I do beseech you. Do not take offence at me. I did it because I mean well. 
Nevertheless, my goodwill was combined with wrath at that time, and could not entirely be called “goodwill”. Now I have changed my attitude, and this letter, I believe, expresses my love and regards to General Prayuth and the army. 
I have changed my point of view since I realized that you are humans who desire happiness and dislike sorrow just like other people. Although we always see you as great and decorated with medals, your hearts are wounded, you need someone to understand you and of course, you need love like ordinary men on Earth. Sometimes you are wrong, and sometimes you are right. Why do we have to think of you as an enemy or a monster?
According to my perspective, I hope my advice will not crush your hearts and be dangerous. And these are my suggestions to General Prayuth and the NCPO:
Firstly, I believe that General Prayuth is under pressure due to launching the coup. You have to play the part of “breaking your word for the nation.” By now, you should know that “the higher you fly, the harder you fall.” Once you decided to go forward, surely, there is no turning back. However, you should consider carefully. Does your method really lead the country to true democracy?
Secondly, what missions are going on right now? Summoning people and detaining protestors. The NCPO explains that the arrests were to create understanding. Imagine someone stalking you, arresting your daughter and your loved ones, would you allow it? Many soldiers are fathers, or live far away from home. You should know what it’s like to be separated from them. “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”
Thirdly, you might claim that this land must move ahead toward reconciliation and harmony, so this is the reason you have to seize citizens. Yet the meaning of concord is not only the end of conflict between Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts, or obedience to your orders. Even if you command this, the conflict still appears everywhere such as in your family, among your neighbours, in a community, or concerning your decision to carry out the coup even while realizing what history will remember you for. The problems cannot be stalled. However, we can honestly manage them based on participation, discussion and debate. No more hiding or hunting. 
Fourthly, you might have thought that peace without a controversy can be brought about. I do deduce your militant notion. Well, I do not mind, but your idea could not deliver democracy since it is not possible to verify nor contradict. Are flood projects and the tablet policy effective? They must be examined. What if they are not? Thailand would become only a Sim City. I hope the troops will not repeat the same steps as the former junta.
Fifthly, democracy can arise. The army is not suited to a ruler’s role. So the troops should retreat, initiate an election and return sovereignty as soon as possible. 
The reason I am writing to General Prayuth and the NCPO is not because I deem that the coup was righteous, but because I understand the situation and your suffering. At least, if you joyfully listen to these comments from me and from others, trying to stand in their shoes like I did, you, sir, would be liberated from your suspicions and be happier. 
By the time that you treat an opponent politely, stop branding someone as not appropriate in Thailand, stop detaining, and get back to where you belong, your exit would surely be peaceful and tranquil. History is obvious as you see. You are still able to fix it. Please do so, for yourself and your loved ones.
Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal


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