Coup maker targets oversea academics with lese majeste

The coup maker Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha expressed concerns over seminars held in overseas universities that they may disseminate “inappropriate views” on the Thai monarchy and may violate the notorious lese majeste law. 
Gen Prayuth spoke on Wednesday at the Thai Army Club to more than 20 Thai ambassadors from 18 countries. 
The general urged the Thai ambassadors not to stay silence, but take actions against people who commit lese majeste oversea. If they find colleges or academics plan to organize an event which may touch on the sensitive issue of the monarchy, the Thai ambassadors should give them the “correct views” on the monarchy and the Article 112 or the lese majeste law. 
In late May, the Royal Thai Embassy in London tried to lobby the SOAS’s Thai Society to cancel a public panel discussion at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) on June 2 on the latest military coup d’etat. The event features law academic Verapat Pariyawong, one of those summoned by the junta. 
Gen Prayuth added that the Thai embassies should take a close watch on the political movements oversea which organized anti-coup movement and regularly defamed the monarchy and reported them to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).