US academic Noam Chomsky gives embattled Thai academic Pavin moral support

Noam Chomsky, a respected linguist and critic of US foreign policy, on Sunday emailed Pavin Chachavalpongun to give moral support after the latter reportedly became a target of the Thai junta for his comments on the Thai coup, according to Pavin. 
In the email, Chomsky expresses concerns over Pavin’s safety.
“I am deeply disturbed to learn about the threats against Professor Pavin Chachavalpongun. I hope that they will be quickly withdrawn, as they should be and that he will be free to visit his family and resume his life without government repression,” writes the email. 
Based in Kyoto, Japan, Pavin is an associate professor at Kyoto University’s Centre for Southeast Asian Studies. He has reportedly become a target for extradition by the Thai state because of his comments on the military's intervention in politics in Thailand. 
Screenshot of the email