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Poetry: “Dreams afloat”

unofficial translation by Nicha Rakpanichmanee
On the commemoration of June 24, 1932 revolution 

Legs, the legs they took, and promised to walk for me.
Arms under your grip. Trust us, you say.
They will walk on my behalf, you will wave my arms
Promising that you and I will be happy
The sky is not ours
The air we breathe, it’s light, it’s lost.
Breathe – in – shock – in – breathe – in – shock 
Our bodies are lost, lost into the air.
You and I, our bond, our bondage
It’s – vanished. You misplaced it. You displaced it.
Not hurt, but displaced.
They, they, you displaced it.
Breathe – in, in shock. The air is light.
My body is displaced by air.
Floating in the sky
This dream belongs to the sky, the sky is ours
No one can take it away
Dark clouds looming cannot obliterate the sky
Floating in the sky, cutting through clouds
In the dark, intoxicated, indoctrinated – a promise
That which they cannot deprive us
Can only be misplaced.
I will float in pursuit.