[Infographic] Peaceful and normal actions forbidden under junta regime

Over a month under the junta government, Thais have tried various ways to express their disapproval of the coup. On the first couple of days after the coup, the movement started as a traditional rally, which ended up with about a dozen people arrested. The military responded with even tighter security measures. More plain-clothes officers were deployed at any political-related events and spots where protesters usually gathered. Protesters came up with creative and symbolic actions like holding a blank A4 paper, eating sandwiches and reading books related to dictatorship and resistance, and imitations of the Hunger Game’s three-finger salute. These normal and peaceful acts, unbelievably, have become illegal. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, the coup leader, told the Thai people to do these actions at home, not in public and it will be ok. 

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