Thai authorities spend 12.5m baht on free screenings of patriotic movie to return "happiness" to Thais

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has spent 12.5 million baht (about 386,000 US dollars) on free screenings of the patriotic movie ‘Legend of King Naresuan 5’ as part of the “Resurgent Happiness” campaign of the junta.
The free screenings for about 250,000 BMA employees and students of BMA schools, will be held during two weeks from 8 July. The free screenings will take place at 43 theatres around Bangkok 
BMA Permanent Secretary Ninnart Chalitanon said on Thursday in a press conference that the BMA created the campaign in order to return happiness and cultivate the patriotism of the Thai people. 
Since the BMA received a special deal with theatre operators, the cost per seat to the BMA was only 50 baht. 
Movie tickets in Bangkok normally cost about 120 baht or more.  
The BMA Permanent Secretary added that the Bangkok Metropolitan Transportation Authority is offering free bus services to take students to the theatres. 
The Thai junta last month organized free screenings of the same movie, but said not a single baht of state budget was spent, saying it was from the generosity of the private sector. 

Trailer of Naresuan 5


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