2 upcoming lese majeste trials Wed, Aug

The Criminal Court will start hearing two lese majeste cases this Wednesday and in mid August, according to iLaw, an Internet-based human rights advocacy group.  
In the first case, a man in his twenties, was arrested and charged with lese majeste and offences under the Computer Crime Act. The police believe he is one of the “cyber warrior” team from northeastern Ubon Ratchathani province. 
He was accused of posting messages defaming the monarchy on the Internet. 
The first court hearing is on Wednesday, 16 July.
In the second case, Krisada S., 49, was accused of defaming the king because he threw the Royal Flag into a river in northern Chiang Mai province. 
He threw the flag, among other objects, at the red-shirt demonstration in Chiang Mai after he learned that the military had started to crackdown on the anti-establishment red-shirt protesters in Bangkok on 19 May 2010. 
The police charged him after a video of his action circulated on the Internet. He and his family members also became targets of political cyber bullying.  
The police also charged him with destroying public’s properties. 
The first hearing takes place on 18 August. He has been released on bail.