N.E. student activist detained by military

Nanthapong Bunpong, a student activist from Mahasarakham University in northeastern Maha Sarakham Province, has been detained by the military for 24 hours. His fate is completely unknown to friends and family. 
According to the Thai Student Centre for Democracy, this is the second time that Nanthapong was ordered to report to the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). Nanthapong reported at 1 pm on Friday and was arrested. 
The Centre added that the authorities did not offer any reason why he was detained and did not reveal where he is detained. 
The following is the statement by the Student Centre for Democracy on Nanthapong's detention: 
On the Account of Mr. Nanthapong Capture: Major Chaidan Kohkaew of the Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC), Mahasarakham, had issued a command for Mr. Nanthapong Bunpong to report in at the POMC Mahasarakham Headquarter, Mahasarakham Governmental Complex at 1 PM on the 18th of July, which was the second time Mr. Nanthapong was ordered to report in.
Mr. Nanthapong, nicknamed Hack, a student in Mahasarakham University, reported in as he was ordered but was detained by the military. At the moment, at 1 PM on the 19th of July, more than 24 hours after his captivity, Mr. Nanthapong’s fate remains unknown. All contacts with him were lost and the Army made no announcement on the issue.
As this irresponsible and unaccountable judicial process is a severe violation of Human Rights, resulting in injustices and the depravation of what little rights the “victim” had in the military state and may even led to disappearances and deaths, the Thai Student Centre for Democracy (TSCD) condemn such actions by the Army as “most evil of actions” and will do everything in our power to free Mr. Nanthapong from the Army’s clutch. We will not allow any kind of oppression on us or the people of Thailand and we will not tolerate any further action from the Army that disregards the lives and freedom of the people.
Also, we have informed various organisations, both national and international of this atrocity. Said organisations including, but not limited to the European Union, various countries around the world, Amnesty International, United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch and Lawyer Centre for Human Rights. We would like to call for these organisations to keep watch and utilise various measures to ensure that all the people arrested and imprisoned by the military junta, including Mr.Nanthapong, would be freed and returned to their usual lives under a constitution that can protect our individual rights and freedom.
We sincerely hope that Mr. Nanthapong would be the last “victim” of this junta and would like to express that we will never yield to its barbarism. Lastly, we would like to call for all the people of Thailand and of the free world to support us and join us in our endeavour.
Thank You.
Thai Student Centre for Democracy