[Infographic] 15 Top Jobs that General Prayuth has taken


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Besides taking Thailand’s top political post as Prime Minister after the unanimous vote of the National Legislative Assembly on 22nd August 2014, the Junta leader, General Prayuth Chan-Ocha, has also been appointed to more than a handful of chairmanships ranging from president of a football club to the nation’s top political post. Adding to a long list of Prime Ministers with a military background, Thailand’s 29th PM is now busy with a total of 15 positions of chair or president that he has taken.    
1. Chairman of the National Council for Peace and Order since the coup on 22nd May 2014
2. Thai Army Commander since 1st October 2010
3. President of the Board of Investment
4. President of the State and Private Enterprise Co-operation Committee for Economic Solutions since 17th June 2014, appointed by the NCPO
5. Chair of the National Energy Policy Committee since 9th June 2014, appointed by the NCPO 
6. President of the State Enterprises Policy Commission since 26th of June 2014, appointed by the NCPO 
7. Chair of Special Economic Zone Development Committee, appointed by the NCPO
8. Chair of the Advisory Board of the National Public Transportation for Peace and Order since 30th July 2014, appointed by the NCPO
9. Chair of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Promotion Committee since 12th June 2014, appointed by the NCPO
10. Chair of the National Environment Board since 10th July 2014, appointed by NCPO
11. Chair of the Channel 5 (Thai Army Channel) Executive Board
12. Chair of the National Police Policy Committee
13. Chair of the Army United Football Club 
14. Chair of the Board of Directors of Lumpinee Thai Boxing Stadium 
15. Prime Minister of Thailand