Military court gives 1st lèse majesté verdict, double sentence of civilian court

The military court on Tuesday sentenced the red-shirt host of a political podcast programme to 10 years in jail for defaming the King on his programme, but since the defendant pleaded guilty, the court reduced the sentence by half to five years in jail. 
The civilian criminal courts have normally sentenced defendants to between three and five years for each count of lèse majesté, but in this case the military court gave 10 years for a single count. 
Kathawut B. was the host of a political podcast programme called Kathawut Nainaemak. He was summoned by the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order to report, reported in on 3 June and was detained for seven days. He was then charged with lèse majesté over his programme.  He has been detained at the Bangkok Remand Prison.  
In late October, the military court rejected Kathawut’s bail request in a closed trial. 
According to the Military Court Act, Kathawut cannot appeal since cases tried by the military court under martial law have no right of appeal. 
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