Woman accused of defaming King on Facebook detained in prison

The court on Tuesday approved a police custody petition to detain Jaruwan E., 26, for 12 days, despite objections from the defendant. 
She did not submit any bail request since she is destitute and has no lawyer representing her. 
After the ruling, she was taken to the Central Women Correctional Institution, Bangkok.
On Sunday night, she was arrested by a combined military and police force and was detained at a military camp for a night for interrogation. The military later handed her over to the Technological Crime Suppression Division Police for further interrogation. 
On Saturday, the military accused Jaruwan E. of defaming the King on her Facebook account and submitted three pieces of content posted on a public Facebook page with the name Jaruwan E. (full name and surname in Thai). 
The police charged her under Article 112 or the lèse majesté law and Article 14 of the Computer Crime Act (for importing illegal content onto the Internet). 
Jaruwan denied all allegations and said she did not have control over the page and that the page was a ploy by a disappointed admirer to cause her trouble, suspecting that “Chat”, a friend of her boyfriend, is behind the Facebook page. She said her mobile phone has been seized by her boyfriend and is now in the hands of Chat. She added that Chat used to hit on her, but she was not interested in him. 
Her boyfriend is reportedly detained by the military. His whereabouts are unknown 
Jaruwan is from central Phetchabun Province, but now resides in western Ratchaburi to work in a factory. She has two children with her ex-husband.