Military still watching Khon Kaen student activists flashing 3-fingered after release

Five Dao Din students reported that they are still being followed and monitored by the military after their release on Thursday.

After the release on Thursday of the five Dao Din student activists arrested for making three-fingered salutes in front of Prayut Chan-o-cha in Khon Kaen, the group stated on Facebook on Saturday afternoon that the military are still trying to keep an eye the group’s members and activities.

According to the Dao Din Facebook page, on Friday afternoon, the parents of two students out of the five, Jedsarit NamKod and Payu Boonsopon, who signed the agreements not to join any political activities again, told the group that military officers came to visit their neighbourhoods and asked the village chiefs to show them the houses of their families to take pictures.

The parents felt intimidated after the incident and fear for the group’s safety.

Earlier on Friday morning, the group stated that some unidentified cars were spotted around the group’s facility in Khon Kaen and one member of the group felt that the group was being followed.

The group added on the statement that since after their release on Thursday, they thought that they might not be safe because some military were allegedly seen where the group was.

However, the group added in an open letter that the five members of the group and others have now moved to safer places and are still secure.

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