Junta eyes new Dorm Bill to segregate sexes

The cabinet has given the green light to a new Dormitory Bill, which sets out to segregate the sexes in student accommodation.
The junta agreed at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday to replace the 1964 Dormitory Act with a 2014 version which will, besides standardizing rental fees, segregate student residences to further prevent interaction between males and females.
Article 6 the 1964 Dormitory Act only mentions that male and female dormitories are for male and female students respectively with no other mention of segregation.
However, according to the Royal Thai Government website, the new bill specifically aims to prevent male and female students from intermingling.  Accommodation for male and female students has to be segregated and dormitory operators who fail to do so may have their dormitory licenses revoked. 
There is no mention of sexual orientation and gender identity in the bill although the cabinet appointed by the junta is expected to propose a bill on civil partnership that will give legal recognition to same-sex couples.