For 1st time, military court grants bail to lèse majesté suspect

The military court on Friday made the unprecedented decision to grant bail to a lèse majesté suspect. 
The Bangkok military court on Friday at 2 pm granted 400,000 baht bail to a man known by his pen name as Bundit Aneeya, a 73-year-old writer and translator, who was arrested on Wednesday for making a comment during a seminar that allegedly defamed the King. 
The bail conditions include that the suspect will stop joining political activity and stop expressing opinion which may instigate the people. 
The writer, who has been diagnosed with psychosis, has only one kidney and has to carry a urine drainage bag with him all the time. 
The old man had earlier been convicted of lèse majesté with the jail term suspended due to his mental illness. If convicted again, his jail terms will accumulate.
The allegedly lèse majesté comment that he made on Wednesday pointed out the general opinion of Thais toward the monarchy.   
Bail was guaranteed by Rawee Issaranan, a writer using the pen name Wad Rawee. 
In February 2014, the self-taught writer and translator, who has written and translated over 30 books, was found guilty by the Supreme Court under Article 112, the lèse majesté law, for his comments at a seminar and sentenced to four years in jail, but the jail term was suspended for three years. 
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