Woman wearing black around King’s birthday accused of lèse majesté

The Thai authorities in the Northeast have summoned a woman for interrogation after she used a picture of herself and friends wearing black on her Facebook profile picture and cover photo during the King’s birthday weekend. 
Internal Security Operations Command summoned Aree K., an employee of Srinagarind Hospital, the teaching hospital for Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Medicine, for interrogation after Thai internet royalists widely bullied her on Facebook, according to ASTV-Manager Online. It is also reported that the director of the hospital will investigate her case. 
On Monday, the People who Protect the Monarchy group filed a lèse majesté complaint against Aree at Lumpini Police Station in Bangkok. 
Aree’s Facebook posts which were shared and condemned were reportedly posted around 4-5 December. 
On 4 December, she allegedly changed her profile picture and cover photo to photos of her and friends wearing black outfits. 
On 5 December, she allegedly posted “The fifth of December of every year to me is a day off. Thank you to the owner of the birthday that makes it a day off.”
Another message which seems to be part of a monk’s sermon, allegedly published on the King’s birthday, reads “Death is part of life. Everyone is born and will die. Accept it down and we’ll be happy.” 
Other messages say she was sick of people wearing yellow shirts.
Although the messages do not seem to “defame, insult or threaten the King, Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent,” as stated in Article 112, or the lèse majesté law, ASTV-Manager Online already condemned her for “insulting the higher institution” in its headline.   
Aree's profile under the name "Aree Redshirt" has disappeared from Facebook.