Thailand-N. Korea celebrate 40 years of bilateral ties

Thailand and North Korea have celebrated the 40th anniversary of bilateral ties by issuing special sets of stamps and organizing an exhibition.

To commemorate the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries in 8 May 1975, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Thailand jointly issued a set of stamps featuring the Accipiter gentilis (northern goshawk) and the Lophura diardi (Siamese fireback), the national birds of the DPRK and Thailand respectively, DPRK state media Rodong Sinmun and the Thai Philatelic Museum Facebook page reported last week.

"40th Anniversary of DPR Korea-Thailand Diplomatic Relations" in Korean and English are printed on the stamps issued in Korea, while the same message in Thai and English is printed on the Thai versions. 

“The joint issue of the stamps will contribute to developing bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation,” said the DPRK media. 

Moreover, an exhibition ‘DPRK @ a Glance: See the World above the Rainbow’ has been on show at the Thai Philatelic Museum in Bangkok since May 9. The exhibition presents various facets of North Korea through stamps.

The stamp collection issued in DPRK. Photo courtesy of the Rodong Sinmun
The stamp collection issued in Thailand. Photo courtesy of  Thai Philatelic Museum Facebook page
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