Anti-coup student activists await arrests at police station

14 student activists wanted on arrest warrants for political activities have gathered in front of a police station in Bangkok, while a student activist arrested this morning will be released on bail.
14 student activists, seven are members of Dao Din, a student activist group based in northeastern province of Khon Kaen and seven are wanted on arrest warrants for a planned commemorating of the first anniversary of the coup on 22 May in Bangkok, gathered in front of Pathumwan Police Station, while about 100 people gathered to give them moral support.
The police has not arrested anyone, but persuaded the activists to turn themselves in. 
The student activists announced in front of the police station that today they founded a new group called New Democracy Movement (NDM), whose mission is to fight against military dictatorship. 
Meanwhile, Natchacha Kongudom, arrested in the morning while she is in the Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok, was released on bail on the allegation of violating the coup order by participating in the attempted assembly to commemorate the coup on 22 May at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC). She awits the release at the Bangkok Remand Prison.  
In a related development, Kuntita Nudcharas, a lawyer, has attempted to file a complaint, on behalf of about 40 people affected, against three police officers from Pathumwan Police Station, who were responsible for peacekeeping of the event at the BACC. The three police officers were accused of unproportionately use of power. The police declined to take the complaint, citing the reason that the accusers did not show up in the police station.  
On 22 May evening, the police confronted with anti-coup activists, most of them students, and later detained about 40 people. At least three were injured and hospitalised. Only eight people were summoned to hear charges. One turned themselves in on Monday and was released on bail.