Rape suspect reportedly beaten to death in prison

Other inmates has reportedly beaten a suspect on a rape case to death.  

According to Manager Online News, Wimon Preeprem, 37, a suspect of a rape case who had been detained at Nonthaburi Provincial Prison at Muang District of the province was found dead in prison at around 6:30 am on Tuesday, 5 January 2016.

The authorities so far have not concluded the cause of his death. However, the investigators, prosecutors, and doctors who went to examine the prison cell where he died said that the suspect might have been beaten by other inmates as he was found dead with various physical injuries on his face and body and with rubber bands wrapped around his testicles.

The authorities have not perform a post mortem examination on the body as yet.

Wimon was brought to Nonthaburi Provincial Prison on 2 January 2016 for allegedly raping a teenage girl after he was arrested.

As prisons in Thailand are usually overcrowded and do not have private compartments for prisoners, Wimon was put together with many other prisoners in the cells.

Between 1 pm-9 pm on Wednesday, three investigators from Muang Nonthaburi Police Station led by Pol Col Ratchakrit Wutthichaipinyo, interrogated five witnesses on the case who are inmates and prison staff of the provincial prison.

The investigators said that some of the witnesses reported that the Wimon was beaten by many inmates. There are, however, 25 other witnesses to be interrogated and the police have collected DNA samples of inmates and prison staff as evidence for further forensic examination.

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