Personal information of foreigners living in Thailand leaks online.

Personal information about foreigners living in southern Thailand was leaked on a website with the logo of the Thai Immigration Bureau. The website was taken down after Thai media reported it. 
Thai Netizen Network reported on Sunday, 28 March 2016, that they found a website which revealed the name, visa status, passport number and address of foreigners living in southern Thailand. The website also contained an interactive map indicating foreigners’ addresses in Thailand.
The visa status of the foreigners which The Netizen Network found were public school teacher, private school teacher, student, exchange student, former Thai citizen, spending a terminal life, having a Thai wife, having a Thai husband, marital visit, visit to children, following husband, studying Dharma, business, mechanic installer and B.O.I. privileges.  
The website name is “foreigner community system”. It has the logo of the Thai Immigration Bureau, under the Royal Thai Police. Its domain name ends in “” (Thai Netizen Network withheld its full domain name). The website said it was developed by Youngcyber Digital Technology, apparently a private company commissioned to develop the website. 
The area displayed on the website covers all southern provinces of Thailand, from Chumphon to Narathiwat. 
As of Monday morning, however, this website and Youngcyber Digital Technology’s website had been already taken down.
(A homepage of the website captured by Thai Netizen Network)