Thai PBS staff go to court over director

Workers at the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) have asked the court to revoke the appointment of a new director by its Policy Board, saying the appointment is unlawful.   

Staff of Thai PBS led by Kowit Phothisan on Monday morning, 18 April 2016, filed a lawsuit at the Administrative Court of Bangkok against the Thai PBS Policy Board over its decision to appoint of Krissada Ruangareerat as director.

Krissada, a dentist, became Thai PBS director in January this year. Prior to his appointment, he was manager of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth).  

In a lawsuit against Narong Petprasert, head of the Policy Board of the Thai PBS and six others tasked with the selection of the new director, the group argued that the selection process breaches the Thai PBS Act.

They said that under the Act, which was passed in 2008, the director must possess knowledge on mass media and other related fields.

The group urged the court to nullify the order from the board to appoint Krissada, reasoning that it is crucial for the Director of the Thai PBS to have experience and vision in the media field because it is important for the public interest.