Military attempts to detain Pheu Thai politician for criticising junta leader

The Thai military and police have attempted to break into the house of a Pheu Thai Party politician to detain him after he criticized the junta leader.

According to Voice TV, a news source from the Pheu Thai Party reported that soldiers and police officers in the early hours of Thursday, 12 May 2016, surrounded the house of Worachai Hema, a former Member of Parliament (MP) of the Pheu Thai Party from Samut Prakan Province, and attempted to break into the house.

The soldiers and police reportedly pulled out the telephone line to the house and ordered Worachai’s daughter-in-law to remove a CCTV camera from the house.

Voice TV reported that Worachai recently criticised Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta leader and Prime Minister, in an interview, saying that the PM is using his authority in a far-right manner.

Such criticisms of the junta leader might be the motive for the actions of the authorities in an attempt to detain Worachai, Voice TV added.

Earlier in March, Worachai was detained by the military for making the comment that if the current draft constitution written by the junta-appointed Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) fails to pass the referendum, Gen Prayut should resign as prime minister to take responsibility.    

Soldiers standing in front of Worachai's house on 12 May 2016 (Photo from Voice TV)


Prachatai will report more details on the story soon