Medical treatment by pro-junta royalists guaranteed: ultra-royalist doctor

An ultra-royalist doctor says that patients can rest assured that most medical staff in his hospital are pro-junta royalists.

Maj Gen Rienthong Nanna, a doctor who is director of Mongkutwattana General Hospital and chairman of the so-called Rubbish Collection Organisation (RCO), an ultra-royalist vigilante group, posted on his Facebook account on Monday, 30 May 2016, that patients can rest assured that most of the medical staff in his hospital are royalists and are in favour of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the formal name of the Thai junta.

“Mongkutwattana General Hospital is an organisation that has anti-junta doctors and staff, but they are only a minority, which is not bad,” reads part of Rienthong’s statement. “I can, however, accept them because they are cooperative in searching for lists of people who defame the Thai monarchy for me.”

He urged people not to hate the anti-junta medical staff and added that since 2010 he had fired most of the medical staff with political stands different from his.

He said that people who want to get medical treatment from pro-junta royalists can contact him personally.

Many royalists and pro-junta people responded to his Facebook post.

“We will support Thai people who love the monarchy,” posted one Facebook user in response to Rienthong’s message.

Another Facebook user commented “Why did you just fire them? Those people should be executed. Don’t you love the monarchy so that you just let them live freely, Rienthong?”