No, I won't draft charter myself: junta head reverses earlier statement

The junta head has reversed his earlier statement that he will draft another constitution himself if the August referendum fails, saying that it was just a slip of the tongue. He also blamed the media for highlighting his thoughtless words and putting him out of temper.

After Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta head and PM, made a statement on Monday that he will draft another constitution himself if the current draft charter is rejected in the August referendum, the junta head said on Tuesday, 12 July 2016, that the statement was not deliberate, but rather just a satirical slip of the tongue, adding that even if the junta has to draft a new charter, it would be done by a drafting committee, Matichon Online reported.

“It’s just a random statement but the media just want to stir up things. Why do you [the media] keep highlighting trivial details?” Gen Prayut told the media at Government House. “I always try to stay calm but the media always makes me lose my temper”

According to Matichon Online, Gen Prayut also said that there were so-called fake draft constitutions being widely distributed and the junta was investigating the issue. He therefore asked the media to help the junta investigate where the fake drafts came from and report it to the junta.

The junta head also claimed that those people who believe that the draft charter would harm the country have not yet read the draft thoroughly. However, whether the draft charter harmed the country or not, and whatever the referendum result was, the junta will absolutely still remain during the transition period, reported Matichon Online.

Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha (source: Matichon Online)